New to grade 3, got any tips

I just need some tips so I don’t have to get any violations by ATC

Plus what do I do if ATC isn’t responding

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I am in IFATC and i just recommend having a good read through the user guide because I always see people being not the smartest, if you don’t know what atc is saying then just leave


The best advice I can give: reading the user


As others have said, read the user guide. In addition, I would read community tutorial topics, which go much more in depth. The official YouTube tutorials as well as community “XYZ aircraft profiles guide” topics are convenient for finding specific information about specific aircraft procedures, proper climb procedures, etc.

Unresponsive ATC might be due to a server or connection issue or inexperienced/troll controllers (only on the training server). On the expert server, I would recommend being patient for a minute or two, and then ask again if the frequency isn’t too busy. If it is, the controller is likely busy with more urgent tasks. Same goes for the training server, but if the controller is a troll, you might just have to deal with it. Regardless, never spam the frequency. You will be given a violation.

A couple tips if you’re really really really worried about violations:

  • On your first flight, I would recommend flying a short haul route involving a controlled airport, preferably not too crowded because the controller(s) would likley have to high of a workload to deal with any mistakes you might make and would probably be less lenient with reports. This should give you a feel for the expert server experience and whether or not you’re really ready for it.
  • That said, my first ES flight was KLAX-KSFO and at least one was controlled and busy. I have yet to receive an ATC issued violation. However, I had more experience with aviation than most since I played X-Plane and RFS (yes it sucks but I still acted professionally) before Infinite Flight.

Fly realistic routes from Sim Brief.

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Congrats on making grade 3! Here’s a good set of tips that will keep you out of trouble. Make sure to be prepared heading into the airspace you’re flying into! Have the ATIS, plenty of extra fuel, and pay attention to the aircraft around you, and enjoy!


Don’t be stupid and always think if the action you’re putting into flight may screw something up.
The other month granted it had been years but I flew again but put alt to FL410 and ended up stalling and crashing giving me only 1 violation luckily. But also have fun.

Just a very important thing that came into my mind and I recognize a lot from people that just entered the ES: pattern entries and sequences. If you miss, it’s really annoying for all sides. Controller, other pilots, yourself. So take your time to get familiar with.

images (31)


Along with all the other tips here, please, please, please, learn the differences between a straight out departure, directional departure (N,W,E,S), and a remaining in the pattern departure. Try to avoid duplicate requests with within the expert server, IFATC is professionally trained and will get to you when they can, especially radar (approach, departure, center) controllers. Finally, a big one is what @Black_Bird said before me, learn pattern entries and sequences.

Always follow ATC

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