New to Expert servers

Dear Community,

Why didn’t anyone give me a heads up before I came to expert server? I was terrified talking to ATC and I didn’t want to mess up and get reported or removed from the server. I had to end my flight from KATL - KDEN because my heart was beating out my chest. I just wanted to get this out to the community because I’ve talked to ATC on Casual, Training but not Expert servers. I’m very educated about Aviation since I want to become a future pilot, but Jesus Christ I was terrified. I love the community and this Topic was a Joke, but I might need to go to the hospital or a therapist because I almost had a heart attack XD. Thank you for your time!

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There’s no need to be terrified. 🙂 We have a lovely user guide that outlines many of the ATC communications that you will come across. I’d suggest taking a deep look at these and study them to a degree so that you aren’t as terrified. You’ll get there!