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Hello, I just got expert server yesterday and I don’t know how to find ATC, could somebody help me find a schedule?

Hey! The old ATC schedule system has been discontinued and a region-based system is now in place.

If you like, you can use to see which airports are currently staffed.

Here’s some more information about the new system:

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Unfortunately it does mean a bit of luck and guesswork is involved when wanting ATC - but on Tuesdays, ATC can control anywhere regardless of their chosen region, and on Fridays we have the FNF, where the main airport usually has pretty much continuous coverage at most times.

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There’s no schedule now. Controllers are in regions. You can however scroll through the #atc, #us-east (an example) & #atc-staffed pages as controllers have their own events going on.

Here’s more information regarding the regions: New ATC Region Assignments | Infinite Flight.


Ok thanks!

I just use the built in app ATC menu that tells you what frequencies are currently open.


Me too… Lol

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Welcome to the expert server. Hope to see you around. enjoyyyyy. any questions you have and i would love to help you!


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