New to Expert Server

Hi everyone I am new to the expert server and would like some tips and/or tricks that could help me not get any violations. Thanks


listen to all ATC instructions, that is all i really have to say


Look here.


Moniter your speed during climb and descent to avoid going over 250kts airspeed under 10,000ft!

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Even though they can be a nuisance sometimes, it is one of the best ways to stay safe!


You like to read the user guide carefully


Also linking this because just about every new Expert Server pilot I see (and many experienced ones, too) goes 345kts above 10,000 and 250kts all the way to final… don’t do that in ATC airspace. Just be aware of your surroundings and don’t do anything blatantly disrespectful to other pilots/controllers and you’ll be good to go!


These are vital suggestions, I think, regarding overspeed violations:
-Always check your speed
-Slow down gradually while descending
-If your v/s is too much for you to slow down, make a 360

Hope these work for you!

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Welcome to the expert server! Enjoy


No matter what you do, take the time on every flight to practice, practice and practice something again. This server’s called Expert for a reason, and expert pilots always practice.

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Yeah like everyone says Listen to ATC, and fly as if you were really flying, example dont land when someone is doing their takeoff roll, or fly/taxi through people to get to a parking spot etc. the expert server is more a ‘real life’ scenario and just to maintain a safe distance sigh the plane ahead of you. Besides that you should be good :) and congrats on your leveling up ^_^

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Congrats and welcome to the community!! All I can tell you is to listen to all ATC instructions and read the ATC tutorials if you have questions.

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Oh, be lucky! This is a better time to get in on Expert server, when I first got in it about 2 years ago, you had to be very perfect and professional. Thought that is somewhat of a factor still you get some Le. Anyway, my advice, ATC, don’t embarrass yourself, and keep watch.

One small thing, as said above, make sure that your speed is not high during descent before hand and just monitor it closely on the way down. To be specific, after passing FL260ish, I like to decrease my speed a bit (5-10 kts should be good) for every 10 nm or 3 thousandish ft. I have gotten a few speed violations and I have found that this works decently. Have fun man : )

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I think the best piece of advice someone can give is just don’t be stupid. Use your common sense! The amount of people I see taxing on the grass, using runways too small for their aircraft and spawning in at airports too big is mad. Play it safe and work your way up to going to a hub start at a small airport with ATC and build up I cannot express enough ES is as it says for Experts - work up to it. For once you appreciate the true greatness of ES believe me all other servers look like 💩…

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Something I miss reading here in all tips is that its okay do make mistakes. we all did, do, and will probably do in the future make mistakes. thats no big deal as long as you learn from it. We all are humans, humans make mistakes. If you get reported, thats okay, and you have a lot of tools to make sure this does not happen again. you always can talk to the Controllers, fellow pilots or almost anyone here, if something is unclear.

happy flying, welcome to expert, enjoy it



I would recommend having the user guide open on another device during your flight so you can access it quickly; also, like @Nate_Schneller said, always practice whenever you can, especially if you’re doing a new flight or are in an airport you don’t know well.
I sometimes even consult flightradar24 and wikipedia for things like callsigns and where to park to make things extra realistic.

As an IFATC I have a few tips for you!

  1. As said before, Follow ATC instructions, you’ll look back at your violations in the future and be like “damn I wish I followed ATC instructions”

  2. If your on Unicom, do not be annoying, what I mean by this, taking off when somebody is on final and cause a go around. Do not do things that are not realistic. A few things can involve

Takeoff / landing at 5+ Tailwind
Taxiing off the centre line
Takeoff at 200+ knots


What I am saying is, be a good player, because if you not, it will come back to you


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Even the slightest thing will get you a violation. You may think just because there is a 5kt difference in my speed and ATC instructions that it’s not a big deal but this can get you reported so be very careful

Welcome to Expert!

Personal tips:

  • Don’t, absolutely don’t arm VNAV unless you’re awake for the descent. And arm it only about 10 NM out from your top-of-descent (or after you’ve gotten clearance). It doesn’t matter if you overshoot your destination - at least you won’t get a violation!

  • Always stay below 250 knots below 10,000 feet. It’s a good margin to avoid a violation.

  • Learn where the hold short lines are at airports, and don’t get violations for runway incursions. Stay behind them until cleared onto the runway, at all costs. And don’t taxi too close to (and especially not through) other aircraft.

  • Respect aircraft size restrictions at airports. Don’t fly an A380 into Lukla (VNKT) just because you can. And especially during events, watch out for NOTAMs regarding aircraft size.

  • Be professional and safe, don’t fool around, follow ATC instructions, and you’ll be fine.