New to Community

Hi Everyone!
I am new to the forums, any essential advice for a new forum member?

Thank You! :)



Hello Carlo!
Welcome to the forums!
I’ll let someone else link the guide for a starter, but here is some advise and some things you can check out.

  • Tutorials are written and recorded, check them out in #tutorials
  • ATC, all details needed for you are in the #atc section, there is also a new manual that Tyler has made for training ATCs’.

Good luck


Read the community guidelines.
Check out the #meta category for tips.
Write topics with significance if they aren’t asking a question.
Listen to the moderators.

Great to see you here! Have fun!

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Hey Carlo,

Welcome aboard to the community, great to have you here!

Here’s some helpful links to get you started;

Welcome to the IFC!

General Forum Guidelines

A Beginners Guide to the forum

How moderators moderate :)

If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know :)

See you around!




Thank you all! :)


Be Happy, Smile and Enjoy your time being here 😄

If you ever need help, do’t hesitate to ask. Remember that any general question goes the #general category and questions/concerns about issues with the Infinite Flight App itself goes to #support. A common mistake many make is to mix those two up and posts general topic questions on support, which is not quite the right thing to do.


I’m sure you are going to better than I. But Practice practice practice on live servers.

Welcome I and the other members would love to help you out


Welcome CarloQF glad to have you here brother. If you need any assistance from USCG-IF we are on point and on call 24-7.
Thank you and safe flight

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Welcome to the forum. We would love to have you here :)

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