New to ATC

Hello everyone 🤗

I’ve been flying for a couple of months now in IF and would like to get started into doing ATC work as well.

Bear in mind that I’ve had almost no experience in doing ATC so I’m a total beginner here.

I might open the tower frequency sometimes so if you all see me as your tower controller, please do not have high expectations from me as I might make a lot of mistakes as I work to familiarize myself with the commands list.

I’m currently watching the ATC tutorial videos of IF on YouTube and trying to learn, but Tyler makes it look so easy 😩.

Having said that, I would appreciate if you fellow controllers would post your tips and advice on how I can become a better controller with time.

Hopefully I can become an official IFATC in the near future.

Looking forward to being a controller you’d live to fly under.


I takes time. I suggest watching all of marks videos like you are already and just getting familiar with all the commands and where to find them. I’m sure you’ll have them down in no time. Also, if you are able to access the expert server I suggest you take some time and study the commands from a controller and when they are used

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Fly a lot in expert server to watch ATCs like enter downwind/ base and try to watch tutorial on youtube. also if you want to someone of IFATC to help you post your question in forum and they will help you, check out this

all the best
-IFATC MohamedAbdalla😉

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Keep working at it! You’ll get there even if it takes months. Watch all of the tutorials and more importantly, ask questions! The Scout team will get you there if you work with them and be patient. Control at parrallel airports like KONT and EDDL and have pilots fly for you that know what they are doing.
-IFATC Specialist Jay Dykstra-

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The first step is understanding airfield patterns and how they work. Once you have that down, start practicing ground, working your way up to tower, and then once to u have that down, play with approach/departure a little bit. Once you’re confident in your tower/ground skills, search for IFATC scouts in for forum and contact a scout. The scouts will help you and give you feedback on your controlling techniques in order to fine tune you and assist in your preparation for your practical.

The best way to learn is to ask questions. If you don’t know why something works the way it does, google it. If you can’t find the answer, ask away here on the forum.

“The only stupid question is the one not asked.”


Check this tutorial on YouTube by @Tyler_Shelton ;)


Take your time, don’t feel rushed. If you are at an airport and you become overwhelmed, switch to a smaller airport or region. And believe me, watching all of Tyler’s videos help a ton!

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Hello everyone,

I just finished an hour doing tower on KONT TS1, and it was the first time I ever did ATC.

If anyone of you flew under me, please do feel free to let me know how I did and how I could do better.

If your name is Redcap, I’m really sorry for not giving you your clearance to takeoff even after asking me 4 times. You were being shown as unknown on my end and I wasn’t able to issue any command to you. For some reason, my command list was blank only for you.

On another note, spotted a mod landing at my airport when I was controlling, and yeah, my head did start spinning thinking if I gave him all the right instructions. If you’re seeing this, please let me know how I did 😁.


now where did I keep that paracetamol… 🤔

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Is that the floating Dash 8 I see?!

There were strong winds, so I’m not sure.
Why not 😉

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@anon66442947 was the moderator there. Maybe you could ask him kindly to provide you some feedback. :)

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Thanks for letting me know 👍

It was only Unicom until I was on short final and then you signed on. Let me know when you control and I’ll try and come fly some. // Recruiter


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