New Timelapse! Vegas to Frankfurt in a Blue A330 Candy Cane

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Hope y’all are having a great day. Recently I released a new Infinite Flight Timelapse on YouTube. Join me as I fly over the plains and cities in the U.S., across the North Atlantic, and then over the U.K. and northern Europe. It’s a wonderful 10.5 hrs condensed down into a great 4-minute video. I’ve flown this route in real life so I had fun recreating it in Infinite Flight. I hope you enjoy it!

Las Vegas (LAS) to Frankfurt (FRA) | Condor Airlines Airbus A330neo

v Flight Deets v

Route: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. - Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, U.S.A.
Harry Reid International Airport - Flughafen Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt Airport)
Equipment: Condor Flugdienst Airbus A330-900 (CFG A339)

Gate Departure: Terminal E Gate E02 @ 3:28 PM (PDT)
Takeoff: Runway 26R @ 3:39 PM (PDT)
Landing: Runway 07L @ 9:56 AM (CET)
Gate Arrival: Terminal 1 Gate B48 @ 10:09 AM (CET)
Travel time: 10 hours and 41 minutes
Flight time: 10 hours and 17 minutes

Other flight and video details

Like almost all of my flights, this flight is a real-life route as of the time of creation. The flight number is DE/CFG2063. It is scheduled to takeoff at 15:40 (UTC-7:00) and arrive at 10:40 (UTC+1:00). The scheduled total travel time is 10 hrs 30 min according to FlightAware and Condor Airlines.

SID: GIDGT2 via VERKN Transition

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Track: Outwild x She Is Jules - Golden [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Filming Device - iPad Pro (2021)
Editing Device - iPad Pro (2021)
Editor: iMovie (mobile), Adobe Premiere Rush (mobile), VN (mobile)

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Bro how much time do you have on your hands? And how did you make this Timelapse?

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No way you screen recorded for 10hours?!

haha, not enough time. TBH I kinda procrastinated other assignments to finish some of these.

Way more than 10 hours my friend. I screen-record extra to cover different times or angles that I may or may not end up using. Add on the time needed to record the cinematic shots.

In all you must also consider the multiple flights I do to get this flight (20ish hours) + the time spent editing (time varies, maybe 5-10 hours, nonconsecutive ofc) + the time spent making thumbail and description (1 hr) + time spent rendering and rerendering and then uploading (1hr ish + more for however many times i do the process) + the actual time spent flying and recording (depends on flight)


Interesting, because I’m making a MD-11 guide rn for the IFC And I plan on making YT Flight Tutorials for various operation types. So I was wondering how to make something like this. What editing program do you use?

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Wait nvm I’m stupid it says iMovie In the post.

Good video btw I might DM you latter on how to make something like this if thats ok

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Oh cool cool, love to see the aircraft guides whenever people create them, GL! Anyways, I think iMovie is best if you have a mac/macbook, but if not ‘VN’ has some good features and you’re willing to pay there are some other great ones out there for mobile.

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