New time-out feature?

Hi guys,

Is there a new time out feature and if so, after how long of not being on the actual app will a flight terminate from the online server?

Sucks for me as I play on my mobile device. Received 2 calls each lasting no longer than 60 seconds and each time i went back on the app i got the message that i had been off for too long -.-

I can’t seem to find any thread on this, if there are any please reply with a link,


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Sadly no feature. If the app is of to long it will disconnect.

This never existed about a year ago, definitely something new i think, especially considering the message comes up.c

Anybody thats been around long enough have any ideas?

The reason is because when the app is closed for a moment the wifi disconnects.

I tend to come back to the app before 45 seconds

It used to automatically reconnect back to the live server while you were in the flight as long as you went back on to the app within a reasonable amount of time, definitely didn’t kick you off live this quick around a year ago for sure.

Ye sometimes it comes back. Just not every time.

Unless something has been changed, these are the specs:

  • 45 seconds in a controller’s airspace before termination of flight, and
  • 90 seconds in sterile environmenment (i.e. during cruise/when at the gate) before termination of flight.
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Thanks Maxim.

Have these always been the specs? Is it just the message that pops up which is new?

No, not always. I don’t remember what they were before, but from what I can tell, I believe they were tweaked in May this year.

Ah i see, thanks.

Would be handy if those specs were on the loading pages for reference/reminder :)

Yeah, a year ago like you mentioned this did not exist. We had too many folks exiting the app, and then returning which caused issues for ATC. I think back in 19.1 or 19.2 this was added into the sim to prevent folks from leaving the app and coming back.

The solution would be this. If you receive a phone call or need to leave the app for whatever reason, simply exit the flight, quit the session and carry on with the task that requires you to leave the app. After you are done with your activities, you can start a new flight and session.


Ah i see, can’t say im a fan as it makes playing on a mobile device in particular a little impractical, when one of the USPs of infinite flight was its practicality!

Thanks for the info! :)

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It’s totally understandable that you feel it’s a bit impractical.

As @DeerCrusher mentioned, this was due to connectivity issues that occurred.
These issues are quite known within the Community, and it would not surprise me if you’ve encountered them at some point. It was issues such as;

  • Not being able to see the frequencies at the airport you were at.
  • Communications not getting through to the other side (ATC -> Pilot and vice versa)
  • Pilots disappearing and reappearing out of nowhere.

Even though some of these issues are still seen from time to time, the number of times we see them is so much less than it was before.

Sorry about the inconvenience this might have caused :)


For me, it’s very strange, I’ve been able to exit for 20 minutes at a time to go watch the office right before bed as I continue my overnighter. When I open it back up, it usually reconnects and I’ve only had it boot me out twice in an entire year while attempting to reconnect.

Yes that happens to me from talking on the phone about 2 minutes

I personally find that with IFA or IFO running as well the time taken to lose connection is really reduced to a few seconds when exiting the app so I try my hardest not to and block phone calls from coming through. That might be just my device though.

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