(New Time) Christmas in Alaska! @ PANC - 232030ZDEC18


Could we use the new livery on the 739? Because the updates out, I think it would be a warm welcoming


Yes. As the update came out, you may use the new livery on the Alaska 739


That is great ! I will probably attend using the new livery, but I would like to say that only 1 player should use the More to Love livery as I am pretty sure there is only one 739 with this livery, but correct me if I am wrong


The person who made this should fly the more to love livery and everyone else fly the new/old livery


i’ll take the next available standby slot please


I’ll take Alaska 173


So both 900’s and 800’s will be allowed then in this case?


I imagine they will, but just confimation I suppose


What will be your callsign?


I have decided not to expand to more gates to attempt to have this event realistic. If you asked to sign up for the new gates, you will be placed on the standby list. If you already have reserved a gate and not sure you can make it, please, let me know. Thanks!


Alaska 173?


We could change this from expert to training server, b/c no flys in/out of sea-tac and anchorage


What’s the point in changing it though?


I prefer expert because while there are trolls, it still seems more uniform and realistic to me, so I would like to keep it in expert.


We still have people on standby! If you have a gate and now you will not be attending, please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!


Please take me off the list, I cannot make it


Sorry to see that you are unable to come, I’ve removed you from the list.


Can i get on the stand by list?


Hello. Any gate for me !?


I currently do not. My apologies