(New Time) Christmas in Alaska! @ PANC - 232030ZDEC18


@Plane-Train-TV Can I join the fun at gate B9 as Alaska 25?


More Gates!

Due to this flight being filled within 6 hours of me releasing it, I felt it would be right to add even more gates! I have added 8 more gates to the list. I will not be adding anymore! Come and sign up!


@Plane-Train-TV , Hey quick question, will we be allowed to use the 739 or only the 738?


I would prefer 738 but I might consider 739 later on


Can I have a gate please? Thank you!


What will be your callsign?


Can I please have a gate? Please? Alaska 24


Sign me up


B5 Alaska 10 thank you!


Only 2 gate remain!

Claim your cate before it is too late! They are going extremely fast!


hi i love to join please and i take gate B3 and my Callsign is Alaska 762


I’d love to do this xD
I’ll be ‘Alaska 17’ @ gate B3


I’ll take whatever gate available


We are full!

That is right! We have filled 17 spots in less than 24 hours! I and still getting asked if I can add even more gates because of the high demand. I will consider this soon. But for now, will be adding a standby list so when I add more gates, you will automatically be added


A lot of hopeful skepticism that the updated livery will come with the next update. I would be so happy


More Gates!

I have seen tons of interest in this event since we became full. I will be adding more gates shortly. I will also be live-streaming this event as a Christmas Special! If you would like to attend, just give your requested callsign


I would like to attend as Alaska 84. I will just take whatever gate is available when you add more gates.


Hi, I would like to join. I will be Alaska 447


I’m sorry but I can’t make it so can you take my name off thank you


Can I still get signed up?