(New Time) Christmas in Alaska! @ PANC - 232030ZDEC18

Christmas in Alaska!

What a better way to celebrate Christmas in than the only place in the United States that is snows year-round! Witness the pure beauties of the Alaskan Mountains covered in snow from 32,000 feet! With three hours of stunning views, this is a flight you will NOT want to miss! Our Aircraft will be the famous Alaska Airlines 737-800 and our flight will be Anchorage, Alaska to Seattle, Washington. The flight should be around 3 hours. If you do attend, make sure you take screenshots of the amazing views and upload them to the Infinite Flight Community!

Event Details

Server: Expert Server

Departure Airport: PANC (Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport)

Arrival Airport: KSEA (Seattle Tacoma International Airport)

Date and Time: 2018-12-23T19:30:00Z2018-12-23T22:45:00Z

Flight Details


Aircraft: Alaska Airlines 737-800

Flight Time: 3 hours 15 minutes

Flight Plan: The flight plan will be released before the flight


How can I sign up? It is simple! Just tell me what gate you would like and your callsign!

Here is the list of gates available:

Gate Pilot Callsign
B1 @bechrisair Alaska 17
B3 @marquise_carter @Eastern 762
B4 @Trevor_A Alaska 12
B5 @Aviator10 Alaska 10
B6 @Hawaii11 Alaska 24
B7 @Charles_Brandt Alaska 6
B8 @Lorenz1 Alaska 31
B9 @Corgi Alaska 25
C1 @GlobalFlyer1 Alaska 84
C2 @Captain_Khalil N831CP
C3 @Plane-Train-TV Alaska 179
C4 @JMac Alaska 447
C5 @Lucas_Piedra Alaska 92
C6 @Brayden_McNeal Alaska 2
C7 @CaptainBush Alaska 857
C8 @Ian_Mckillop Alaska 5
C9 @Carolina_Taylor Alaska 173

I will not be adding more gates. First come, first serve!

Standby List:

Line Number Pilot Callsign


1. Please be professional during the entire event! This means do not taxi on grass, cut the takeoff line, speed while taxi, pushback into someone etc…

2. I will not be responsible for any violations or ghosting’s that you might receive. You are responsible for your own aircraft and you are the one flying it. Not me.

3. Detailed Flight Information will be sent via Private Message to all attendees 48 hours before we are scheduled to takeoff.

4. Do not be the one to ruin it for everyone else. Everyone who is attending is there to have a amazing event. If you do cause issues, you will be brought to the Staff of Infinite Flight

5. Last but not least, HAVE FUN! Make the most of this Christmas special!

When is this event again?

This event will take place on 2018-12-23T19:30:00Z2018-12-23T22:45:00Z

Final Remarks from the Host

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to check out this Christmas event! I have already flown this route on Infinite Flight and I can assure you, with the special flight plan I have hand made, you will remember this flight for a long time! I hope to see you sign up and join me on this amazing one of a kind flight!


Sign me up! Could you imagine if the new Alaska livery comes in the next update? It would look magical. (C4 please)


Sign me up! Hopefully there will be the new Alaska Airlines livery when we do this flight! Any gate will do!


Hi will take gate C2 please and my call sign N831CP


I would but I’ll be away in texas on Christmas week

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If the new livery’s come out should we use them or do the normal ones?


Please sign me up! I’ve done this flight before and I did not regret it.
Callsign: Alaska 92
Gate C5


I did LAX-ANC in a MD-11F, I was on a very high approach, but the Seattle approach is always fun

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Sign myself up aswell! Could I take gate C7? Callsign- Alaska 857


You may use any Alaska Airlines Livery if the update does come out before this event. Please note that your aircraft must be a 737-800 though

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Count me in, my tag will be Alaskan 32, what ever gate is open


As we have one more gate left, I will consider opening up terminal B gates if we become full in terminal C. Keep signing up!

I won’t be able to go, but that is the best banner I’ve seen. Well done, hope this event fills up!


Hmm can I grab C9? Thanks.

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What will your callsign be?

Thank you so much! I put a lot of time in effort in the pictures! They are actually pictures from the same route!

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It will be C-ETHM :)

Darn, I was too late, it seemed like a really good event.

Btw it doesn’t snow year-round here in Alaska.

Hey! I have decided to add terminal B as there is tons of interest and it only has been 6 hours! Just hold on just a second!

It’s fine because I still wouldn’t make it because I have to go somewhere that day.