[NEW THREAD & WEBSITE RELEASE] VACenter, the Next Generation Crew Center

VACenter || The Next Generation Crew Center


VACenter is the next generation of crew center, for the Infinite Flight Community, VACenter is a free open source project, that you can download for your VA. VACenter is programmed in NodeJS, using several modules from NPM. VACenter also comes with a premium product, that allows for a Maps API to view the location of all your VA Flights, with simple integration with VACenter itself, the premium version also allows for a discord and slack bot.

Current as of 12 Jan 2021
VACenter is not released yet, but is targeted to be released this month (January 2021). You will find out when it is released either on our website or this thread.

If you have any questions about VACenter check the documentation, if that’s still confusing make sure to join our discord. If you find a bug with our software please report it at our issues section of the GitHub. If you still have an issue DM me.


Cool! Great job!

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Thanks for your support!

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Do you have any pictures of what it looks like? Also, for some reason the banners do not display anything, it’s just a white screen but when I click on them I see the banner.

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Hey, sorry Ill update the website with images, as far the banners go, its cause you are on light mode and as such I didnt optimise them for light mode so they are blank.

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Hey, I have added a gallery link in the links section and is also available on our site

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