[New Thread New Change!] Austrian Virtual | From Vienna to the World! | Official 2021 Thread

Thank you @Infinite_Qantas for your kind words!

haben Sie einen guten Tag!

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Danke! Sie auch :)

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Fantastic new thread! Good luck with the VA!

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Thank you @Sashaz55! we hope the same for the future!

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OSVA Transparent

Hey all, we have just updated our website and application form to it’s most updated form so you can now join our VA!



We have 2 Announcements today!

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I am pleased to announce a partnership with @LOT-Virtual! Please check them out!

And our 2nd announcement…


Im also pleased to announce a partnership with @Airbus_Virtual! check them out as well! We now have some charter flights in our database!


We’re glad to have the partnership with you! Thank you OSVA for the great opportunity!


Leider will euer Anmeldeformular meinen IF Namen nicht!

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@Robert_NG001 Das ist ziemlich seltsam! Viel Spaß beim Wien!

Yes!!! Nice codeshare :)

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Thanks @Fung_Sum-sum! glad to have you as a pilot here.

@Robert_NG001 I fixed the situation I believe, you can skip the name part I will know its you. your the only one with this issue oddly enough

Danke sehr für diese thread ! I am considering joining you

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Das ist schön zu hören @Cdt_Aupetit ! Wir werden auf Ihre Wahl warten! guten Tag!

Awesome Thread, good job! I wish the VA total success!

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Thanks for your kind words @Renan! See you in the Skies! -DF

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Hey all we have an announcement for tonight! We are pleased to say we have a brand new codeshare agreement with @SurfAirVirtual! Go check them out! Be on the lookout for more announcements soon 👀

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Hello everyone!

We would just like to remind everyone about our event that is happening in a few weeks!

If you would like to join click the link below and enjoy the rest of your day!


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Hey everybody!

Just would like to let everyone know we have some big things on the horizon within the next few weeks and it’s very exciting!

If you would like to join to see what’s up ahead, Please go to the top of our thread!

Hey Everyone,

We here at austrian have an issue with the amount of staff we have here at Austrian.

All the spots not filled in with an name are available for staff opportunity to make our VA better as we will

need more staff for the upcoming summer months!

If you would like to take one of the staff spots please PM @AustrianVirtual or @DeltaFox

Wir hoffen, Sie bald hier zu sechen!