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Our Mission Statement: Tendentes ad optimum

We are Austrian Virtual. Ever since our founding, we have strived to become one of the best virtual airlines in our region. For us, efficiency is the spine of our airline, and we pursue to keep it at a high standard by constantly updating our infrastructure for a better experience while keeping equality and achievement as our core values.

Like the edelweiss, the flower in our logo, we symbolize devotion and perseverance. Just like how one must devote their time and hard work for climbing up the Alps and obtaining the edelweiss, we are determined to do our best for our virtual airline, and we are always ready to devote our time to upkeep our core values and stand together as one family.

Why Us?

You might be wondering why you should choose us or what we offer that makes you want to choose us. After all, there are so many virtual airlines out there, each offering many kinds of new experiences and opportunities. We respect your thoughts and will explain why it would be the right choice to pick us.

Our Region

Austria is a landlocked country located slightly east of the Alps and north of Italy. It is landlocked and shares its borders with Germany and Switzerland. The close ties which exist between Austria, Germany and Switzerland make the country very important and significant to the region. However, in Infinite Flight, Austria is not represented in an adequate way. We want to change that through our virtual airline.

Our Experience

At Austrian Virtual, we promise to try and provide you with a highly professional experience. We strive to maintain a professional and realistic experience and we ensure that all our pilots and staff are up to the mark when it comes to this. We also want to provide a highly enriching experience, and to support this notion, we provide almost 2,000 routes with the help of our codeshare partners spread out all over the world.

Our Technology

We believe that the world is racing towards a more technologically-advanced future and we do not want to be left behind. To keep up with the race, we use the safest, fastest and most simple forms of technology to run all the major functions of our airline while keeping efficiency in mind. We mainly use several Airtable integrations all accessible from the touch of a button in the workspace, while also using Google Sheets and Google Docs to store important data.

Our Commitment

Finally, our commitment. As part of one family, we are committed to ensuring that everything in the airline runs smoothly and that any hiccup faced along the way is dealt with as soon as possible. We are committed to devoting our time to improve every detail, be it small or large, of our airline. But most importantly, we are committed to working hard as one large unit as one family: the Austrian family.

A Message from the New CEO

Hey all! if you don’t know me my name is @DeltaFox! find me in the events thread mostly or PM me about anything! anyways deciding to be the new CEO for this VA is a big commitment, and I’m willing to give it what it takes! like rebuilding a terrible sports team or a real airline it will be a rocky start but a fun one! I have some great ideas and many things planned for the future of this VA. so if you are willing to be apart of this journey as a staff or pilot it will surely be worth it!

CEO - @DeltaFox
COO - @Artem_F
Audit & Investigation -
Head of Internal Affairs -
Head of PR & Marketing -
Media Manager - @InfiniteArya
Graphic Designer -
Head of Flight Department -
Human Resources -
Pilot Trainer -
Head of HR & Recruitment - @Gregdu69
Pilot Recruiter -

NOTE: We are hiring! If you are interested in filling up any of the vacant positions above and joining us as a staff member, please PM @DeltaFox with your desired role.

The Austrian Virtual fleet primarily consists of narrow-body aircraft where the A320 family and the E195 aircraft are the most dominant. These narrow-body aircraft help us connect Vienna to all kinds of destinations spread out over Europe. We also have some 767-300ERs and 777-200ERs which help us fly long haul routes to various parts of the world.

Aircraft Registration Company
Airbus A319 OE-LDA (Generic in-game) Austrian
Airbus A320 OE-LBL (Generic in-game) Austrian, Lauda Air
Airbus A321 OE-LBA Austrian
Boeing 767-300ER OE-LAE (Generic in-game) Austrian, Lauda Air
Boeing 777-200ER OE-LPA Austrian, Lauda Air
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 OE-LGF Austrian, Tyrolean
Cessna Citation X OE-ILK (Private 4 in-game) Lauda Air Executive
Embraer E195 OE-LWA (Generic in-game) Austrian
Embraer E170 OE-LMK (Generic in-game) Peoples (Viennaline)
Plus Many others with our codeshare fleet!



These routes are operated by Austrian Airlines and serve more than 120 destinations in 55 countries. They are mostly concentrated in and around Europe as their main function is to link all kinds of destinations in the region, be it a metropolitan city or a remote tourist destination, to Austrian’s hub, Vienna. Another important function of these routes is to provide affordable, reliable and safe connections to various cities in Europe from other major hubs and vice versa, which not only helps Austrian Airlines grow but also establish Vienna as a major hub for connections.

Lauda Air / myHoliday


These routes were operated by Lauda Air, a subsidiary of Austrian, but after they merged with Austrian, these routes were renamed as myHoliday routes. They serve only 12 destinations in 10 countries but they cover more than 113,000 kilometres (70,645 miles / 61,400 nautical miles). These routes are operated by our 767s and 777s and their main function is to connect Austria to more major cities and tourist hubs. In our virtual airline, these routes can only be flown by our captains and senior captains.



These routes were operated by Austrian during their earlier days. Some of these routes were also operated during their peak times in 2017 and 2018. These routes serve 30 destinations in 23 countries and are mainly operated by their 767s and 777s. In our virtual airline, they help us fill the missing gaps in our route network and enable us to fly to every corner of the world. For us, these routes are a celebration of the legacy of Austrian Airlines. These routes can only be flown if their destinations are part of the IFATC schedule every week and if they are, they can be flown regardless of rank.

Threads to our Partners!

Aeroflot Virtual
Airbus Industry Virtual
Air Canada Virtual
Air China Virtual
Air India Virtual
ANA Virtual Group
Cathay Pacific Virtual
EgyptAir Virtual
Ethiopian Virtual
LOT Virtual
People’s Vienna line
Singapore Virtual
South African Virtual
TAP Virtual
Turkish Virtual
United Virtual

If you are interested in joining us as a pilot, please have a look at the requirements. We have kept them as simple as possible while also ensuring that our pilots will be up to the mark. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Must be 13 years of age or older
  2. Must be Grade 3 or above in Infinite Flight
  3. Must have an Infinite Flight Pro subscription
  4. Must have an IFC account which is at least TL1 (basic)
  5. Must not be on the IFVARB’s user blacklist​

Mentioned below are the details of the application form:

  1. We will require your first name, surname, IFC username and a screenshot of your grade table proving you are Grade 3 or above and your Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

  2. The maximum marks you can obtain in this form is 10. In order to pass, you need to score 8 out of 10. this does not include why you want to be apart of the VA. you must give a good reason to pass as well.

  3. Please be patient while waiting for your results. If you pass, we will send you the Discord invitation on the IFC within 48 hours of taking the test.

  4. If you fail, you are eligible to take a re-test 3 days after the original test. The last day you can re-test is 10 days after your original test, or 7 days after the re-test window opens. If you don’t re-test within those 7 days, you will need to start the application process over.

If you meet the requirements and have gone through the details of the form, click here to access the application form. Please be honest and sincere while filling the form.


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Thank you @Sashaz55! we hope the same for the future!

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OSVA Transparent

Hey all, we have just updated our website and application form to it’s most updated form so you can now join our VA!



We have 2 Announcements today!

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I am pleased to announce a partnership with @LOT-Virtual! Please check them out!

And our 2nd announcement…


Im also pleased to announce a partnership with @Airbus_Virtual! check them out as well! We now have some charter flights in our database!


We’re glad to have the partnership with you! Thank you OSVA for the great opportunity!


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Danke sehr fĂĽr diese thread ! I am considering joining you

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Awesome Thread, good job! I wish the VA total success!

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Hey all we have an announcement for tonight! We are pleased to say we have a brand new codeshare agreement with @SurfAirVirtual! Go check them out! Be on the lookout for more announcements soon đź‘€

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Hello everyone!

We would just like to remind everyone about our event that is happening in a few weeks!

If you would like to join click the link below and enjoy the rest of your day!


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