[NEW THREAD, 32 ATTENDING, now sponsored by SWVA] The Austin Fly-Out @KAUS - 141900ZDEC19

Hello Everyone! For my first event I collaborated with @nativetoalaska and @Suhas to make a flyout at my home airport, Austin!


Here’s some information about Austin, the fastest growing city in the United States and the capital of Texas:

Here’s some information about Austin Bergstom International Airport:

Fun facts about Austin

  1. Has the largest urban bat colony in North America
  2. Several movies were filmed in Austin, including Spy Kids . Also, Dazed and Confused was based on @snoman ‘s high school.
  3. Home to the Cathedral of Junk, a junk museum
  4. Austin’s capitol building is the second largest capitol building in America, second only to the capital in DC
  5. Has the only F1 track in the USA, COTA (Circuit of the Americas)
  6. Austin celebrates Eeyore’s birthday at the end of April every year with a festival- Eeyore is the “sad donkey guy” from Winnie the Pooh. He’s not sad, he’s just chill!
  7. Austin is one of the sunniest cities in America- 300 out of 365 days of the year are sunny!

Server : Expert

Airport : KAUS

Time : Tomorrow 2:00 PM

NOTAM : Spawn 10-15 minutes before the event starts. Please respect unicom or ATC, whichever is present.

Barbara Jordan Terminal
Gate Airline Callsign Destination Aircraft Pilot
1A British Airways NAZ32 EGLL-London Heathrow 747-400 @United2
4 Lufthansa Lufthansa 469 Heavy EDDF-Frankfurt A330-300 @Adam_Goodman
12A Delta Delta 1984 KATL-Atlanta A321 @Sam73628
14A Delta Delta 1340 KLAX-Los Angeles E170 @Plnelovr
15 Southwest Southwest 181 KDAL-Dallas Love Field 737-700 @IF515
16 Southwest Southwest 2080 KMDW-Chicago Midway 737-800 @Bravo59
17 Southwest Southwest 3654 KSJC-San Jose 737-800 @BigBert10
18 Southwest Southwest 286 KFLL-Fort Lauderdale 737-800 @Speedyyy
19 Southwest SWVA220 KSAN-San Diego 737-700 @Armani_B
20 Southwest Southwest 2531 KBWI-Baltimore 737-700
21 Southwest SWVA 212 KDEN-Denver 737-700 @Luke_Sta
22 Southwest SWVA506 KSTL-Saint Louis 737-800 @Costaricanpilot
23 Southwest Southwest 1648 KLAS-Las Vegas 737-800 @VegasAviation
24 JetBlue JetBlue 1038 KBOS-Boston A320 @Kyan_Perry
26B American BAVA330 KORD-Chicago O’Hare 737-800 @ButterAllDay
28 American American 1326 KDFW-Dallas Fort Worth A321 @jonspacepilot
30 Alaska Alaska 621 KSEA-Seattle 737-900 @nativetoalaska
32 United United 5942 KORD-Chicago O’Hare 737-900 @Captain_T_Malone
34 United United 2123 KSFO-San Francisco A320 @John19
33 Air Canada Air Canada 7746 CYYZ-Toronto E175
31 United United 1919 KIAH-Houston 737-900 @Helicopterzzz
29 United United 5352 KLAX-Los Angeles CRJ-700
27 United United 2407 KSFO-San Francisco A320 @Joshua_Kincheloe
25 United United 904 KEWR-Newark 737-800 @NathanD
South Terminal
Gate Airline Callsign Destination Aircraft Pilot
South Terminal 1 Frontier Frontier 191 KDEN-Denver A320 @den.aviation
South Terminal 2 Frontier Frontier 190 KMSY-New Orleans A320 @cptlogue
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Callsign Destination Aircraft Pilot
Cargo 1 FedEx FedEx 1227 Heavy KMEM-Memphis DC10F @EpicNYC04
Cargo 2 FedEx FedEx 533 Heavy KELP-El Paso MD11F @AarkonTV
Cargo 3 DHL DHL 507 KCVG-Cincinnati 757-200
Cargo 4 DHL DHL 131 KTUL-Tulsa 757-200
UPS 1 UPS UPS 301 KSDF-Louisville 757-200 @RT6907
UPS 2 UPS UPS 300 Heavy MMMY-Monterrey A330F
Cargo Commuter 1 FedEx (Operated by Baron Aviation Services) Show-Me 8754 KBWD-Brownwood C208
Cargo Commuter 2 FedEx (Operated by Baron Aviation Services) Show-Me 7279 KAFW-Fort Worth Alliance C208
Cargo Commuter 3 FedEx (Operated by Baron Aviation Services) Show-Me 8752 KSJT-San Angelo C208
Gate Callsign Destination Aircraft Pilot
Ramp 2 GAT009 KSAN 737BBJ @BadPlane
Ramp 4 N44XC KSAT C172 @Airwolf
Ramp 6 M-1017 KARR TBM-930 @Everything_Matthew
Ramp 8 N145FP KJOS C208 @Kansas_Scotty
Ramp 10 MR-NICK KRIC TBM-930 @InfiniteNick
Ramp 12
Ramp 14
Ramp 16
Ramp 18
Ramp 20 SPOTTING N/A TBM-930 @snoman

Event Sponsors

Southwest Virtual

Southwest Virtual is starting out its second-quarter in its fourth year of operation! As a whole, we have drastically changed how people think about flying in the forum, with the introduction of virtual passengers and our Rapid Rewards program, managed by our booking staff. This is a big revolution on our hand, but of course, we need pilots to fly our virtual passengers, so they are still very much our main focus, which is why we give all the materials necessary to fly as realistic as possible. No matter who you are, this is the VA for you!

Apply Here!

Please let me know any routes you would like and send me any questions you have! Let’s fill Austin up!

Brought to you by the Austinites: @Suhas, @snoman, @BadPlane, @Joshua_Kincheloe, and @HelloSkyMan


Hello everyone, this is the new thread for the event, which is at 2019-12-14T20:00:00Z

Please check your gate because some gate assignments were switched.

Won’t be able to attend anymore, my apologies! Hope the event goes well!

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No problem, thanks for letting me know!

Can you switch my destination to KSAN and callsign to GAT009


Can’t make it anymore, sorry

No problem @Altaria55 @anon57683537 I removed you both

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Hey, I’m unable to attend. Sorry.

Could I change my gate to this please?

Can I have Gate 18 to Fort Lauderdale?

Sure thing!

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@Captain_T_Malone someone just took it but there’s other gates open now!

How about Gate 32 to O’Hare

Great you’re signed up!

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Awesome! Just to confirm, it’s today at 3 right?

Yes three eastern

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Flying in from SAN now

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Ooh a round trip, I like it!

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Cargo 1 FedEx 1227 Heavy KMEM-Memphis DC10F. May I?

Awesome, you’re signed up!