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Thai Group Virtual is an IFVARB-approved Virtual Airline. Thai Virtual has been operating since May 17th, 2019. The story behind Thai Virtual started when @W4RRI0R and @samdog27 had an idea. They wanted to create a Virtual Airline that recruited the top-tier of pilots and those willing to learn and run a VA that strives for realism in ways that create a great flying atmosphere. They have succeeded in their goal. Now Thai Virtual operates a diverse operation with many pilots!

Our Fleet

Routes and Ranks|436.5x900


Thai Virtual takes great pride in its staff. A select few people who have a great responsibility. Without these amazing people, we could never have gotten to where we are.

@samdog27 - Founder & Owner - I am the Founder and Owner of TGV. I make sure that everything runs smoothly. I do this by helping out people when they need help and to make the final decision on big things. I enjoy interacting with pilots and helping them whenever they need help.

@Bangkok_VTBS - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - The way Thai Group Virtual goes is under CEO command along with our board. We always work as a team asking for suggestions from all of our staff as well as our pilots. I do appreciate hearing from everyone of us no matter what kind it is. Anyway, the final decision is under CEO leadership.

@Matei27 - Social Media Manager - As Social Media Manager, I am in charge of making sure that the Thai Group Virtual social media page is active and I handle inquiries that are sent via Instagram.

@Ma_Vin - Chief Pilot - As Chief Pilot, I am always available to help pilots. I am very well versed in the Thailand aviation industry and can help with realism and anything pilots need!

@Loogie125 - Head of Internal Affaires - As Head of Internal Affaires, I am in charge of maintaining a safe environment in our slack and creating internal events.

We also have a few staff opening! All interested candidates can fill out our staff form here!

Staff Position Requirements
  • Age 13 or older
  • Grade 3 or higher
  • Can respond to messages from pilots and/or other staff within 24 hours
  • Good IFC standings
  • Is not a staff member in any other VA and has not been for 3 months

We always aim for the best pilot experience. For this reason, we always our route up to date with how is real life going. We also have heritage flights for pilots who want to relive the good old days. Furthermore, there are a lot of codeshare routes with many virtual airlines related to real-life!

International Route Map
Domestic Route Map

*All codeshare is included

As well as our rank system which is counted by each pilot flown hours to unlock new aircraft which is also a meaning of new routes.

Rank Hours Needed Aircraft Unlocked
Cadet 0 A319 + A320
Second Officer 10 MD-11 + B787-8
Junior First Officer 20 A330-300 + B787-9
Senior First Officer 50 B777-200ER
Junior Captain 100 A340-600 + B777-300ER
Senior Captain 175 A350-900 + B747-400
ATP Captain 300 A380-800

NEW! Thai Virtual has recently decided to give you more privilege with our proudly presented loyalty program. This will give you more eagerness to be a top-class pilot with us. We have already had quality pilot and we are now ready for a high quantity of hours!




  • Thai Group Virtual pilot with Infinite flight grade 3
  • Frequently flyer once every 2 weeks
  • Gain 500 hours with Thai Group Virtual


  • Access to Royal Orchid lounge
  • Qualified to fly on domestic heritage routes




  • Thai Group Virtual pilot with Infinite flight grade 3
  • Frequently flyer once every 2 weeks
  • Gain 750 hours with Thai Group Virtual


  • Access to Royal Orchid lounge
  • Qualified to fly on international heritage routes




  • Thai Group Virtual pilot with Infinite flight grade 4
  • Frequently flyer once a week
  • Gain 1000 hours with Thai Group Virtual


  • Access to Royal Orchid lounge
  • Be a part of the Royal Orchid Holiday (ROH) program

One of the privileges is to discover the good old days of Thai Airways as a world-class airline connecting the whole world. In addition, fill your hour up with a weekly bonus route decided by our loyalty pilot.

Heritage routes

Heritage routes? Yes, we also have heritage aircrafts stored in our hangar waiting for you to roll!

Domestic heritage routes
International heritage routes

Royal Orchid Holiday

This is a privilege only for the Platinum status of the Royal Orchid Plus program.
ROH will give you a chance to gain more hours with a bonus route which is decided by you! One route per week, no matter how long the flight is or which aircraft it is. All pilots can fly this weekly bonus route. Yes, it’s like you can easily create a small event for our pilots to enjoy by just pick a route you like!


Thai Virtual has a long list of codeshare agreements. Most of them mimic real-world codeshares between Thai Airways and other airlines. These codeshare agreements allow our pilots to fly in every region of the world and fly a large variety of aircraft. Routes can be unlocked based on their rank. We pride ourselves on our codeshares and positive relationships with other VAs and VOs.

Our Partners

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We are happy to announce our new website! This website was made using Wordpress, a website developing tool that gives you extreme flexibility. We believe that this website will help us stick out in the virtual airline community.

  • Our ranks
  • Our routes
  • Photos from pilots
  • Links to application forms
  • Our codeshares and partners
  • Our featured routes of the week
  • Our history
  • Our staff

Visit it at Thaigroupvirtual.com!



Very beautiful thread guys! Congratulations with 1 year anniversary! Keep it going! 🎉🎊

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Thank you very much!

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Great thread. Like to see all the SAV airlines expanding

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Thank you @United2!

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Lovely thread! Congratulations on one year. 💪

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Thank you @MrMrMan! We can’t wait for birthday #2!

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Don’t forget to join us at our 1 year anniversary fly-out with IFATC!

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Hey i’ve done a 13/15 and i think thats enough? So am i going to get an email if so when?

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We have just received your application! Typically it takes upto 24 hours to approve them but right now we are running pretty fast! See you soon ;)

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Beautiful thread for a beautiful VA! 😍

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Thank you very much :)

Happy birthday to this amazing VA. It has been such a pleasure watching us develop over the past year!

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If I were to request to join this awesome VA and get excepted how would I communicate with you guys because I have no social media

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We communicate using a communication platform called Slack. Our Slack Workspace is heavily monitored and inappropriate language or content is subject to consequences which we do not take lightly.

I’m filling out the virtual pilot form for Thai VA and I put in my IFC name but it’s saying I need a valid URL. What should I do?


Recently, Thai Airways has been dealing with uncertain times due to COVID-19. There have been rumors of restructuring and possible bankruptcy, although these rumors have not been confirmed.
Thai Group Virtual will continue operations and we will not have any changes due to this. We are not associated with Thai Airways at all and are completely independent.
Any questions related to this can be sent via dm to @ThaiGroupVirtual

Pilot Application | Website | Instagram | Staff Application


Thai Group Virtual has recently made the decision to switch from a Google Sheets database to an AirTable database! This switch enables pilots to file their flights using AirTable, to view them and they will receive slack notifications when they are approved/rejected! This is a big and important milestone as Thai Group Virtual goes through rapid expansion!

Pilot Application | Website | Staff Application


Thai Group Virtual is a wonderful VA/VO. The staff especially @samdog27 are always happy to help and I am super proud of being a member at TGV!


Thank you very much! We are so glad to have you apart of our team!