New Terminal Extention @KMEM

Memphis International Airport has opened up it’s new terminal and I was wondering if it was in IF. Can someone check for me please as I am mid-flight right now? Thanks!

The terminal has always been there, it was Northwests terminal when it had a hub so yes it is there it is just not updated to the exact gate configurations.

Hello @Pilot_InfiniteFlight,

Keeping airports up to date is the airport editing team’s responsibility, they monitor any changes of airports’ scenery and try their best to keep airports updated. If Memphis Airport had a new terminal inaugurated or remodeled recently, it’s likely that this is not reflected yet on Google or other satellite imagery sources, so this means it will take time to have these changes in IF.

In the meantime, all the team asks is patience while the imagery is updated. Once the imagery is available, then the team can do the changes at KMEM.


Ok, I was just checking to see if they had it, thanks!

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