New Taxiway Changes at JFK

Idk why I’m so excited about this

I live right by jfk, and I saw some new changes in the taxiways on the latest airport diagram since the last one! First of all, here’s one from Jan-Feb of the changed area.

This area is a commonly crowded/backed up area for departures for 22R, and planes frequently line up like this:

This area gets so incredibly busy at times that RW 13L/31R has to be used as a taxiway… so it looks like there has been a few additional areas added for better movement.

Here is a photo from the latest airport diagram.

The new place on the top can be great for cargo aircraft entering/exiting that specific area, there is a lot more available space to move around which could be good for pushing back and stuff, as you can tell it’s a pretty small cargo area. The second addition on the bottom of the screenshot is good so planes can flow through the que a little more faster. 13L is NEVER used for takeoffs (I’ve only seen one plane ever use it for departures in my life, and it was a FedEx plane leaving the nearby FedEx ramp… the jet blast would effect the cargo area BEHIND it.), so this addition is not useful for what you would think, but in the long run, I’m sure it will lead to less clogging on that area. Thanks for reading everyone!

Fun fact, the cargo area behind 13L is so weirdly placed because it was the former runway 1L/19R back when the airport was called Idewild airport, pre 1960s.

This is the same with the long pier under 13R/31L as it used to be and old runway… and the strange long diagonal taxiway in between 4L/22R and 4R/22L.


It just looks like half of Whiskey Alpha’s name (from Alpha to Bravo) was changed to X-ray instead. I think I’m missing something.

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I really don’t think this is going to be helpful…? I don’t think the C6 and W taxiways from the northern cargo area actually changed. If you look at satellite imagery, the taxiways aren’t actually physically separated and are just one big piece of asphalt, I think the diagram was just updated to reflect this. As for the bottom taxiways by T7, the one you circled (Whiskey Alpha X-Ray) just seems to be the previous W-A with a name change. A-A above it seems new, but with the departure line typically occurring on the north side of 13L/31R, this won’t help with anything really, maybe with traffic to T7 and eventually the new T6, but doubt it will help with departure line movement, especilly when it’s busy.

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Oh, I never noticed/knew that.

As for the W/A/X I thought they where separated for some reason in the first one, it’s kinda hard to tell with the letters covering it there, sorry

I agree, I didn’t even consider this. T6 will become very busy and could use as much space as possible… as for what I said about runways I meant planes entering the que interacting which each other, I know the lineup (unless they’re doing 22R intersection departures) usually starts on the north end of the airport, but getting onto the lineup might be a little easier… if it was the case that a new taxiway was added, that is.