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TAP Virtual is a Virtual Airline established in September 2020. We aim to provide excellent services and professionalism, whilst also keeping our VA fun and safe for every Pilot and Staff Member. We have a fleet of 7 aircraft (Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A330 - 300, Bombardier Dash Q-400 (DH8D), Embraer 190, Embraer 195) and a total of 186 internal routes and 57 codeshare routes. Our staff will welcome you, and we hope to make you feel at home.

Airbus A319 - 100
Airbus A320 - 200
Airbus A321 - 200
Airbus A330 - 300

We offer 4 main ranks. Every rank has its own perks. They are as following:

First Officer 00 - 30 Hours Short, Medium - Haul Routes
Captain 30 - 65 Short, Medium - Haul Routes + 1.5 multiplier
Senior Captain 65 - 95 Short, Medium, Long - Haul Routes + 2.0 multiplier
ATP Captain 95+ Short, Medium, Long - Haul Routes 2.5 multiplier

We have 6 staff members and they are as following (+ a word from each staff member):

CEO: @AviatorDimitrisYT

G’Day IFC. It is an absolute honour to be the owner of TAP Virtual. We aim to provide professionalism and the Portuguese spirit, a spirit that will never leave your heart. Moreover, we are an emerging community and we promise to make you have fun. So what are you waiting for? Join us!

COO: @IF.Zurich

Hello from Switzerland. My name is Alexander and I’m the COO in TAP Virtual. It’s an honour to run this airline with my mate Dimitris. It has been a long journey but finally, here we are a certified VA. This Virtual airline brings you professional and friendly staff members. As a COO I make every decision with the CEO and your free to ask me any questions any time and I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can. Hope to see you in the skies.

Chief Of Internal Affairs: @Nawf

Hi, I am Nawf and I am the Chief of Internal Affairs at TAPVA and I am glad to be a part of the executive team at TAPVA to bring this VA to greater heights. I oversee everything which undergoes within the VA. I encourage pilots to join TAP Virtual as we offer Portuguese hospitality in the best possible way! Cheers!

Recruiter: @Zachary_Naponic

Hello IF community! My name is Zach and I am the head recruiter for TAP Virtual! I got into the VA community entering AAVA earlier this year. I joined TAP for the great routes and work with some great people! If you have questions feel free to PM.

HR Manager: @Filipe_Abrantes

Bom dia IFC, I am Filipe, I am the Human Recourses Manager of TAP Virtual. It is an honour to hold this position here, that is really close to my heart. As a Portuguese citizen, it’s so exciting to see TAP Virtual growing up. For you fellow Pilots It’s time to put your flying hours to good use. We invite the pilots to come and feel the Joy of Flying with us! Our staff will always be open to answering your questions you anytime! See you in the skies!

Chief Pilot: @flybarroso

Hello, my name is João Barroso, I’m 19 and I’m from Portugal.
As a Portugal-made boy, there isn’t a more pleasant thing than being a member of this Group.
All staff members are really dedicated to providing you with the environment you want to feel as a pilot of ours.
Why us? Respected colours, lovely fleet and destinations to fly, explore the most requested destinations in Europe and around the globe.
Looking forward to seeing you here!


Codeshare Airlines

More codeshare routes are underway. Check our codeshare airlines here.


We are no way affiliated, endorsed with the real TAP Air Portugal, visit their website here


Amazing thread! So happy to see a TAP VA! I wish you all well ;)


Lovely thread. Congrats on getting approved👍


We are more than excited that we published our thread today and being IFVARB verified! Now we are wholeheartedly welcoming pilots to join our VA.

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I am so happy with it! Can’t wait to receive our new pilots. We’ll have a good time!


Im happy to see this va growing


Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community, TAP Virtual!

We are proud to be codeshare partners with you all. See you in the skies!


Quando criar uma livery da TAP A330

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Infelizmente não cabe a nós… :(

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