New Tags for ATC Event Regions and Community Tutorials

Hi Everyone,

Today we have introduced a set of new tags for ATC Regions that come into force on May 1st, and also for #ground-school:community-tutorials. Tags are a quick way of navigating to posts that are targeted for what you are looking for without the need to search directly. They allow for a different way of categorising posts, giving forum users more flexibility. They also ensure that, at a glance, more information can be provided about a topic without having to extend the title.

These new ATC event regions are for use in the #live:events and #live:groupflights categories. Please add them to your topic when posting. IFATC aims to cover all the events in each region per day, and adding this tag will help them see the appropriate events.

ATC Regions


Community Tutorials


We may look to add more to other categories/post groups in the future. Please help each other with these new tags and allow for mistakes by new members. You can find all the public tags by heading to the menu in the top right-hand corner and selecting tags.