New tag for 'to be closed' topics.

This is specifically for topics which are to be closed due to inactivity. There were a couple of topics which were closed just a few minutes before I found them by having a look at @system’s activity, and I could have helped by posting a response which could have solved the question. So could the people responsible for developing this forum please help?

This tag should have topics which will be deleted next at the top and the next one right below, and so on…

@discourse, could you help with this?


This forum is runned by Discourse, so posting it there would be more appropriate. Forum moderators or administrators have nothing to say on these kinds of functions.


Like Mats said, the server is run by discourse, which would also mean they’d have no control over the ‘system’, I think, don’t count me on it

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Discourse =)


I don’t have an account, and I can’t make one just for one small thing. Couldn’t they have someone like a representative who notes down what users without Discourse accounts want, and then post those requests?

Dis course


I think you should post this feature at Discourse Meta instead like earlier mentioned ;)

On all Discourse forums? Man that would be a lot. Just make an account, it doesn’t take more than a minute.


Um, Okay, I’ll try.

Sorry! Didn’t know :)

You can edit your post by clicking that pencil at the bottom of your reply, why not fix that spelling mistake?

Done :) Thanks though

You’re welcome!

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