New TACA Airlines Airbus A320-233

Hello all, for the additions of the A320 family liveries, I hope there is this airline.

Credits here

Informations about this plane.

  • Serial numbers: 3581
  • Registration: N682TA
  • Airline: TACA airlines
  • Livery: New livery
  • Aircraft: Airbus A320-233

About TACA Airlines

About the Airbus A320 family

Why I want this in Infinite Flight ?

  • We need more airlines from South America.
  • The livery is good.
  • With this livery, we can do more South American routes than the generic one.
  • We haven’t a Taca livery in the simulator.

Looks cool

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Lol, I’m the only one also @TransportForLife, who wanted this airline.😂

I mean I would vote but kinda ran out of votes so…


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I miss seeing this livery in Panama, both from the mainline airline and TACA Regional (especially in Aeroperlas which was its division Panama with their ATR-42s). Even though the Avianca livery replaced it, is still a nice livery.

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Thank for comments, this is the reason why Infinite Flight and any flights simulators are the only chance to see a defunct, merged airline. :)

Man I still have vivid thoughts of this livery. Can’t cast a vote now but would love to see this and hopefully maybe the even older one N687TA

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You mean the one with the old livery ?


Exactly. Though I kinda like the modern look on the newer one. Anyways let’s stick to that one ;)

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For the old livery, I hope devs add to the A321.

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At least add a TACA livery so we have one for Avianca El Salvador. I’ll try to find a free vote.

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This South American airline will be a great addition to Infinite Flight !
Do you agreed ?🙂


Since Avianca is confirmed on the A320, it would be great to see the old TACA Airlines livery in the A320-233.:)

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Something like this

credits: flight radar 24

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Bumping this one

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