New Tablet with IF

I have a chance to upgrade my existing Tablet
very soon. I’m using a Samsung Tab S7 now.

My question is NOT whether to switch to iPad Pro
so we don’t need to debate that here.

My upgrade through my carrier would be a Samsung Tab S8+ (12"+) screen size they don’t have the 11" Tab S8 available.

I wondering if anyone is using this device for IF
in our community and if the 12.5 screen size is ok for you ?

Thats it…I already know the iPad specs are awesome.


Works awesome on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro so don’t see why it wouldn’t be awesome on the Samsung one that size too!!

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Thats good to know ! They are close TabS8+ 12.4"
Thanks !

Besides this, we already know that the S7(+) works amazing with IF, so no other options for us then believe that the S8 series will do even better!

My S7 is basically empty of apps and storage.
Its mostly devoted to IF exclusively.
I do have stuff can’t get off of it and my addons
Like IFP and IFA , Simbrief , Navicharts etc.

I still run down under 2 gigs of RAM though during longer game play and need to re-start and optimize to get close to 2.8 to 3 gigs of RAM at a new flight session.
If not I can’t always get IFA and IP (IFP) to also run in the background.

but my concern was the display. !

the TabS8+ has 8gigs of RAM not 6
so that would help

Works amazing with my iPad you also have a bigger screen too and can do landings without hud!

@Jan is using a Tab S8 if not mistaken? :)


I’m flying on the Samsung Tab S8+ right now into KLAX. I’ve had this tablet for about a month and it works absolutely perfect with IF. No issues at all. it took me a few flights to adjust to holding such a large device for takeoffs and landings, but other than that difference, which you will get used to, you’ll love it.


I’m using an S8 Ultra.
It’s 14.6 inches.
Love the device. Especially with the giant keyboard attached.
It’s huge and heavy.
There is an issue with the frame rate though.
My iPad Pro 12.9 doesn’t have that issue.


What is the issue if I may ask ?

I do that now on an 11 " screen
except on dead cockpits hmmm
787 CRJ …enough sorry 🤫

42 FPS (in this case at EHAM).
While editing airports it can drop to 8 FPS!!!
The iPad Pro always stays at 60 FPS.
GPU is at 97% while nothing is moving in this view.
Something isn’t optimized.
Don’t know if it’s Android, Samsung, Infinite Flight or any combination.
I so hope this will get solved.

My S7+ has an issue with FPS too, especially when looking up into the sky. I opened a support topic on it some time ago, and someone told me it had a lot to do with thermal throttling…

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