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SWISS International VA Official IFC Thread

We are IFVARB approved verification

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Opening Statement From Our President

''As most of you will now know, I will be taking over from Beau Giles as President of SWISS International VA (SIVA). It will be a challenge to fill the shoes of two past presidents who I can’t thank enough for the effort and passion they put into getting SIVA to where it is today.

I started off as the Digital Brand Director at SIVA, and this was a role that I throughly enjoyed fulfilling.

Fast forward to today and with the unfortunate resignation of our brilliant former presidents, I now speak to you as SIVA’s new president. I know all the past resignations inadvertently had an impact on SIVA during the last few months, and I truly do understand the struggle staff and pilots alike felt so I would like to so say a special thank you to everyone for their support. SIVA wouldn’t be the same without same without the dedication of our staff and of course all those who choose to fly the SWISS flag along side us.

I promise do my upmost to take SIVA above and beyond what is expected of a VA and hopefully restore the passion and make the SIVA community proud.’’

- Amir Hussein, President of SWISS International VA

Our Mission Statement

Read our mission statement below to find out more about our objectives as a VA.

Mission Statement

SWISS International VA has the goal of bringing unparalleled excellence to the Infinite Flight Community, whilst still maintaining the incredibly exciting and joyous aspects of a Virtual Airline Membership.

Everything we do is done with the utmost quality; a perfect representation of the excellence shown by the real-life Swiss Air Lines, and of Swiss design in general.

Our team is made up of dedicated staff who bring substantial experience in VA development and operations; thus allowing our pilots to reach new heights and experience a real-world airline through our immersive CrewCentre housed in our all-in-one website. We use real-life routes for Swiss and Edelweiss which consist of our 1500+ schedules which pilots are able to fly.


Our Team

At SWISS International VA we have the most dedicated staff team who have had previous management experience in the development and operations of other Virtual Airlines. Find a list of our incredible staff team below.

Current Staff List

Amir Hussein - President - @Amir_Hussein
Beau Giles - Vice President - @Beau_Giles
William Verhagen Melin - Operations Director - @CPTWilliam
Leah Ott - Public Relations Director - @SunDown
Richard Hampton - Events Director - @CO99
Alfie Malik - Former President - @Alfster


Our Codeshare Partners

At SWISS International VA, we pride ourselves in having already established codeshare routes with some of Infinite Flight’s leading and well-known Virtual Airlines. Our codeshares currently are as follows:

Etihad Virtual Airways - @Amaar_Viqar - Etihad Virtual Thread
South African Virtual Airlines - @Springbok777 - South African Virtual Thread
TAP Air Portugal Virtual - @Narruto_Mieumieu - TAP Air Portugal Virtual Thread
Singapore Virtual Airlines - @TwinsRock88 - Singapore Airlines Virtual Thread
Air India Virtual - @Prasoon_S - Air India Virtual Thread
Brussels Virtual Airline - @roostbrood - Brussels Virtual Thread
United Virtual Airlines - @Blake_Stephens - United Virtual Thread


Our Fleet and Destinations

SWISS International VA operate a wide range of fleet for our pilots to enjoy. This diverse list means that we have a great mixture of short haul and long haul routes, which are extremely accommodating to all members. We also emulate a database with over 1000+ real-life routes flown by SWISS and Edelweiss.

Fleet List

A318-100 - Operated by SwissPeak
A319-100 - SWISS International
A320-200 - SWISS International and Edelweiss
A321-200 - SWISS International
A330-300 - SWISS International and Edelweiss
A340-300 - SWISS International and Edelweiss
B777-300ER - SWISS International
MD-11 - Operated by SwissPeak

More information about our fleet


Become a SWISS International VA Pilot

Pilots applying to join SWISS International VA are required to complete an application before joining. We operate on strong pilot expertise, so our minimum pilot requirements are relatively strict. Please review our entry requirements prior to application.

Our Entry Requirements
  • You must be aged 15 or above.
  • You must be Grade 3 or above on Infinite Flight.
  • You must have an active Infinite Flight Pro Subscription or are expecting to get one promptly.
  • You must be in good standing with the IFVARB and IFC (Not be on the IFVARB Blacklist and have no prior suspensions from the IFC. Exceptions may be made on very rare occasions.
  • You must be able to fly and log at least 3 flights per month.

Join the staffing team today!

Below is a list of our crrent staffing vacancies - if there are none present then please check later. We’re sure a position perfect for you will be open soon!


Here is a testimonial from our newest staffing member @CO99 - our Events Manager.

‘‘Swiss Virtual was the first VA I’ve joined, and I honestly don’t see me being anywhere else. Pilots and Staff work together to make SIVA a welcoming and enjoyable place for everyone. We have a fantastic mix of pilots, of all ages and experiences, and I am excited to be able to contribute to the ongoing development of Swiss Virtual.’’

There are currently no staffing positions up for grabs. Watch this space!

Apply Today By Clicking Here!


Stay posted here for some big news in 2020! 👀


Awesome new thread @SuisseVirtual! Glad we could be partners and looking forward to the future with you guys! Congrats @Amir_Hussein


Love the thread! And hope the very best for you and your team!


Thank you! Much appreciated!

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Lovely new thread all! Wishing you guys all the best.


Brilliant thread! Glad to be a staff member here!



Amazing new thread!


A little Christmaspresent to our Pilots: We recently updated our Routnetwork woth our Codeshare-Partner @Singapore_Virtual
This means we got up to 20 new Routes to explore on every Range, from Shorthauls to iconic Ultralonghauls like the actual Longest Flight irl, Singapore to Newark. also its a great Opportunity to fly the newly added A350.
If you want to be part of SIVA and using this new Additions to, join us today through the IFC, or our Website. we are happy to have you on Board.
Thanks to Singapore Virtual. Enjoy your Holidays.
L.O.-PR Management


Cheers guys!

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Hey there!
I applied a few days ago but never got an answer.
Would be great to hear back from you!



We try to reply to applications as quickly as possible, but all of us are busy with work/school too! Sorry for the delay, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Nice thread! Best of luck guys ✈😀

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Cheers bud! We’ve been around for quite a while now - trying our best to be noticed :)


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Temporarly Change of Operations

Tonight, 1800z, Swiss International Air Lines announced that they will suspend China Rotations to Beijing and Shanghai starting January 30th until February 9th.

As a Matter of Realism SIVA Staff decided to suspend all Rotations (Switzerland-China and vice versa) for the Time beeing.
Until further notice Flights (Pireps) from/to Beijing and Shanghai will not be approved starting tomorrow, January 30th.
We’ll keep you updated.

Codeshare Flights (Air China) are not affected on this one.

As of now, Flights to Hong Kong are still operated normally and remain open to anyone.

Thank you for your understanding

Leah Ott
PR Management

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Awesome and beautiful thread @SuisseVirtual