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SWISS International VA & Air India Virtual Airline

We are happy to announce our latest codeshare partnership agreement with @AirIndiavirtual allowing SWISS International Virtual Airline pilots to discover India, a beautiful land full of wonders and breathtaking scenery.

Fly high over the Himalayas and take on the challenge of a high altitude approach, or just enjoy some of the best sunsets Infinite Flight has to offer over the Indian ocean - we’re sure all pilots will find a flight that is their perfect cup of tea.


Now Recruiting Staff

It’s that time again, time for another fantastic opportunity for pilots to join our staff team.

We highly recommend you apply for this. It’s worth a shot. This position is full of opportunity for the individual selected. It is a pathway to other, even more exhilarating positions here and elsewhere!

All details regarding the position are contained herein;

Thank you for your time.

-Beau Giles (VP)



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I just submitted my application. Hopefully it will be successful.

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Hi !

I joined the Swiss virtual yesterday and tried to do a flight today, but my flight hasn’t been saved on the Intranet Swiss Virtual … Why ? How must I connect my flight in Infinite Flight with the Intranet ? Do I need to register me for something special ? What means the message in the red box (see the picture I sent with)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Antoine Turrian

I’m no expert but it looks to me like you’re trying to use software meant for PC Flight Simulation, unless Swiss Virtual have set something up like that?

Seems to be the pc swissvirtual to me🤔🤔

Swiss use the same CC as BAVA, so I think you must be right…

Just wanted to compliment on your amazing looking website. Love the entry video of the B777!


Thank @Amir_Hussein for the stunning website design 😉

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I love the pocket knife design idea! Fabulous!


As the others have said you are using the PC Version! We would love your to join, you can apply through our website!


Thanks for your replies ! But how should I do then with Infinite Flight ? I’m playing the game on my IPad … I think I do not understand how it works between the game and the Swiss virtual …

hey mate, thanks for your reply. Is there a swissvirtual for users playing IF on iPad ? How Do I manage with the connection between Swissvirtual and my IF account on my iPad ?

Thanks in advance for your help !


Hey, thanks for your reply. Therefore what should I now do, in order to use Swissvirtual with my IF account on my iPad ?

thank you in advance.


You don’t link your IF account with the Swiss Virtual Crew Center. You need to apply to be a pilot for them first, and if you get accepted, I’d assume they’ll give you an onboarding process

Hey, thank you for your reply. Alright then, I completed a written test today, therefore I think I’m gonna receive more informations soon !

Have a beautiful day mate :)


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