New Support category

Just created a new Support category for users to ask questions and leverage the hive mind of our awesome community to help new pilots/ATC become experts at all things Infinite Flight.

Make sure to be specific with your question and answers; we hope that with time it will become a great source of information for all Infinite Flight users.

For issues that you are able to consistently reproduce, consider posting in the Bugs category.


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Can you create Flight School category pls. Support category being too generic, we’ll end up seeing software-device issues posted there. Or can you change tutorial category to flight school? Thanks @philippe

We are slowly adding categories so we don’t end up with tons of empty ones that nobody uses; the goal is to grow the community organically.
For now the Support category is for the community (and us developers) to help fellow pilots with all issues: from performance to how to use certain features.

This support category is intended to be generic. A “Bugs” topic or “Features” topic could be created as a result of a discussion here.

We will most likely add more categories in the future (I like the Flight School idea) but we want to do it right and in the meantime, everything that doesn’t fit in existing category should go in “General”.


i know two people who are good pilots but not interested in ATC…but more into teaching new ppl how to fly and learn about airport instruction and makings and proper flying procedures…not sure you have something like that for anyone in I.F…sure it cant hurt to to try…they are both good I.F pilots and have good teaching skills and patient…

Love this idea. I hope we have enough qualified ATCs to have a group for them at some point as well. When I first heard the Facebook section was closing down I didn’t think it mattered, but I am seeing ways it could be useful.

FYI Discourse Solved is installed here so you can enable it on that category.

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