New Supersonic Jet!

Hi everyone!

I was just in the BBC website and I just found out Virgin Atlantic (Richard Branson) is developing a new supersonic jet nicknamed Baby Boom! Although you won’t be able to fly on it until at least 2023 :(

The link is below:

Please put your thoughts below!


Not to put you down but Virgin are “developing” everything. I think supersonic will come back but I think it will be airbus or Boeing. Just my opinion


For me, only supersonic plane ill trust is the Concorde, despite the crash


Virgin are developing everything so maybe they could incorporate some of their new technologies!

Yea that is true. But what I meant is that they say they are developing 1000s of projects when in reality they have two or three main topics they actually pool resources into.

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Good point :)

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I think this is a duplicate since I saw someone post this before a year ago.

I checked it isn’t

I am sure it is a duplicate but I can’t remember in what name was the original post

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@Adrien @Henrik Thanks for the tip :)

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I live a few miles away from where Baby Boom is. I was invited to their private reveal. They were strict on no photos other than the press photos. Its a pretty sweet concept!


That’s really cool! How big is it?

Its the length of 2.5 Cessna 172’s. They’ll be driving it down to the Mojave Air & Space Port, California, home of Virgin Galactic, for testing and supersonic testing sometime this year.


Correction: Richard Branson is an investor and supporter, not the creator or developer. The key people in charge of this historical monument can be found here:

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Ah ok, thanks!

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I hope this never comes to fruition. I am not very keen on “super sonic aircraft”. I would rather see more fuel efficient aircraft than super sonic one.


Oh yeah my friend is an intern for Boom Aerospace, pretty lucky as she’s not even 18!

@DeerCrusher did you ever end up going to the reveal a few months ago? My friend filmed nearly the whole thing on Snapchat.

I see where you are coming from but Airbus and Boeing won’t go supersonic until somebody else does. They won’t take that risk until somebody smaller can do it profitably first.

We could be waiting a long time then