New Sun Country Livery

N711SY in the new livery


What is the point of this topic if it isn’t a request?

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Wondering about the difference? Compare that livery with this one. They removed the light blue compass and changed the letter font.


You could create a more detailed topic :-)

I like that one more.

I like that one better

I agree, @Louis and @hmkane 😁

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Yea but it’s way cheaper

Nice livery, I’ve never heard of sun country though.

Yeah, the only reason I’ve ever heard of it is because you can get a GJ Sun Country DC-10 model really cheap 😂.

Hopefully I can take a picture of it at MCO!

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Where does Sun Country even operate, I know of them but never see them

KMSP aka regional heaven…they don’t have a very big fleet so you probably won’t see them in a lot of places


I think I like the livery with the compass more. I see them all the time when plane spotting at KMSP. (Along with CRJs everywhere…)

It actually looks some what better!

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The new livery or the old livery?

meh the new livery lol

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I guess it looks ok, I kind of like the more colorful liveries that still look “professional”. It should be interesting to see the new livery flying though.

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yeah your right, i mean it kinda seems like what jetblue did with there livery

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