New subscription

Hi, my subscription end in one week, I would like to know if i can buy now another one or i have to wait untill this one runs out?
you plan to do some promotion like this summer?(12 months +1free)

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I believe that if you buy another subscription it will automatically carry on as soon as your current subscriptions ends. And as for this:

Only time will tell

ask phillipe…maybe something churns…btw we shud have for a chritmas promotion

If you get it in app, you have to get it after the current one ends. If on the website, I’m fairly sure it will continue from the new one. Don’t take my word on it though.

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Support??anyone here??

I’m not sure about Android, but with iOS, you can purchase a subscription and it will carry on after your current subscription has expired.

Haha I’m too waiting some promotion :P

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