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Hello community,
I am having trouble with my new subscription. I purchased it about an hour ago and it still doesn’t work. I go to online and click buy subscription and it takes me the subscription page, I click on the one I purchased and a notification comes up saying I’ve already purchased one, I click ok and the immediately it says purchase cancelled ‘cannot connect to iTunes Store’.
Can anyone help?


Take a look at this link, and see if the methods here can help you out.

Is there an option to log in to an account instead of going through the purchase screen?

Ok so now it’s saying there is a subscription but it’s starting me from scratch

Try to loggout and loggin again

Hi George, have you tried logging out of your infinite flight account and logging back in? It should work if you do it then, either that or your subscriptions not activated yet.

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Have you put a different email in which means your starting from scratch?

If your statistics haven’t been recovered after a reboot/re-logging in, I’d recommend you email IF support to have them help you out. Details are in the below link.

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Thank you!

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