New Subscription Options

In the recent updates, the subscription was decreased to just 1 month, which costs 9.99 USD [19.99 BBD]. The reason I want new subscription options is because it isn’t that ethical anyways. Before, you could buy a year subscription for 79.99 USD [159.99 BBD].

If we do the mathematics, it is more expensive to buy a year pro subscription, which would be 119.88 USD [240 BBD] now than before.

So i hope we can get these re-added into the game!

I’m not sure if you have apple device but it’s $79.99 for a year subscription in the App Store.

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Care to elaborate here? What’s not ethical?


bc if u had to pay 9.99 every month then it would be more expensive

$120 vs $80

Oof 😅 looks like you’ve got some elaborating to do

I don’t quite follow how that’s got anything to do with ethics? If any, it’s almost less ethical to have a cheaper option for those who can afford the annual right away in comparison to those who can “only” afford the monthly if we were to go down that road. Prefer to avoid that though <3

This is however a business decision, not a community one :)


I’m of the opinion that this was a business decision, and while we, as the paying customer, should have the right to express our discontent with changes in the pricing model, this business decision was made with plenty of things in mind that the customer probably wouldn’t know about.

Keep in mind that the pricing model has not changed for a long time - from the beginning of Global until recently, and in those years, the cost of operating the simulator at a sustainable level is going to naturally be more difficult.

Take, for example, the major cost for the company. You’re looking at staff members, research and development for various ways to progress, server costs, cost to purchase material for the app, third party products that are used in the game, and the list just keeps going.

Ultimately, this is a business decision, not one related to ethics or whatever. There are people to feed, products to purchase and other features to develop which ultimately costs money. I’d consider ourselves lucky given how the app has progressed since the days before Global was a thing, and how the prices has maintained at a somewhat sustainable level throughout the years.


Feedback noted :)