New style, who dis? - Spotting at KDEN, February 21st, 2021 (Part 2)

Hi all! Last week I went out to DEN and had a blast taking photos. I was there for around three and a half hours and tried out many new techniques with shooting and editing photos, and I feel very good about this session. I went into more detail about why I went in part one, but anyways, let’s get into the photos!

Part one if you missed it:

Photo One: Starting this topic off is actually Frontier’s 1st A320 NEO. They already have 60 of these, with many more on the way. I actually hadn’t seen this plane yet, so it was relieving to finally see it. “Wilbur the White-Tail Deer”, or N301FR, is turning five years old this year, and was also named after the aviation pioneer Wilbur Wright. “Wilbur” was operating “Frontier Flight 263” from Dallas, or the land of @Altaria55 and @Speedyyy.

Photo Two: I saw a lot of Southwest’s 737-800s at DEN this day, the precise number being 14 of them. Here’s N8699A, who also turns 5 this year, arriving again from Dallas, but this time the smaller Love Field. It flew under the callsign of “Southwest 2466”

Photo Three: I did not see a lot of United Express planes this time, but I did get a couple of nice pictures. Here’s N609UX, a two year-old Embraer E175, in United’s new livery, operating as “United 4718” from Saint Louis.

Photo Four: I just liked the angle on this shot. This is one of the few 737-700s I saw this time while spotting. N212WN is a 16 year-old 737-700 who operated “Southwest 1145” from Palm Springs.

Photo Five: Here’s a shot that came out nicely in editing. The beacon is also an added bonus. N152SY is a 5 year old E175 who operated “United 5710” from Fresno.

Photo Six: I didn’t see as much Delta as I would have liked, but oh well. Here’s N3747D, a 20 year old frame, which is one of Delta’s not as common 737-800s, arriving from Cincinnati as “Delta 2247”

Photo Seven: United has quite a few 757-300s, with them and Delta being the only operators of the type. They are also known as looking like pencils, and I agree. Here’s N74856, a 17 year old frame formerly with Continental, and also being one of the last 757s produced, operating as “United 1136” from Los Angeles.

Photo Eight: This should have been a United 737 MAX 9. Due to the snowstorms in Texas, United needed to upgrade the capacity for this flight, which, I repeat should have been a United 737 MAX 9. Well, you win some and you lose some. I hope to see a MAX the next time I go. Here’s N78866, with it being 19 years old and spending some time with ATA and Continental in the past, arriving from Houston as “United 1493”

Photo Nine: I only saw 5 Frontier planes this day, being much lower than my normal total. This one was the first one I saw. “Max the Lynx” is a 5 year-old A321, which was operating “Frontier Flight 752” from a warm Phoenix.

Photo Ten: Again, no topic of mine is complete without a Canyon Blue, and this is no exception to that rule. Here’s N8614M, an 8 year-old 737-800, which arrived just ahead of “Max”, also from Phoenix, but as “Southwest 4423”

And that is all for Part Two! Let me know which photos are your favorites, and if you may even want a part three!


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Amazing photos!

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Thank you!

Really nice photos, the 757-300 is one loooooong plane. Thanks for sharing!

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Pretty pretty

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Great shots!!! What particular spots were these taken from? Looks like either 120th or 56th Avenue.

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Yes luke. These r cool 😎


It truly is. Thank you!

Thanks Joseph!

These were taken at both locations! All but N152SY and N74856 were taken at 56th, more specifically right by the corner of 56th and Valley Head. 120th was just on the side of the road as there is nothing out there lol. Another thing was that there was a lot of snow on the ground at 56th, causing some nice lighting, but barely any at 120th.

fank yuo tyler


Really nice photos Luke!

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Nice photos!

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Thanks Mason!

Thank you!

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Yoo @Luke_Sta! I can see the dedication on every single photo, I love every single one!! The quality is on 🔥

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Very nice! For 35L arrivals I prefer driving north up Valley Head closer to the Mt. Elbert lot and the maintenance building. Results in some great shots of just before touchdown.

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Thanks Rafa!

I’ll probably try this spot out some time, thanks for the suggestion!

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Great quality shots !

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