New Style 20.02 App Crash (iOS Hard Reset Required)

Hey everyone,

Great job with the new version, just wanted to let you know of a crash type (maybe bug) I’ve never seen before… it’s been smooth with no issues so far… :/

Using iPadOS 14.0.1 and IF 20.02 (iPad 5th Generation)

Was doing first long haul with 20.02 (OTHH to KJFK) via 777-300ER (Saudia 701 Heavy) - at the 7h42mn mark I adjusted the AP altitude from 34,000 to 36,000 - The aircraft climbed without incident, then I made a slight trim adjustment without incident.

Then about 45 seconds later (after touching nothing else), The app crashed but not like a normal pesky iOS crash back to the Home Screen. Instead it went to a black screen with a little white “swirly”… I waited at least five minutes for this to go away - but it did not.

I had to perform a hard reset of the iPad using the power and home buttons. This was the only remedy.

Just curious if you’ve seen this before? I tried searching the forums before posting but couldn’t find anything like this.



Hi, doesn’t seem like an Infinite Flight issue, but rather one with IOS. From googling it seems that it started happening around IOS 10 and that it is usually caused by low system memory.


I’m pretty sure this is a issue to do with iOS and not Infinite Flight as I know this happens occasionally with iOS devices (around iOS 10 onwards) as something may have went wrong during the reboot process. This can happen after you turn your iPhone on, update its software, or reset it. It’s also possible that a physical component of your iPhone is damaged or broken. The only way to fix this issue is to perform a force restart of your device, which you did.

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Try updating to IOS 14.1 maybe that would help as you are operating IOS 14.0.1 which is last update

Yes that is happening to me but after I press my power button it goes away

I just had the same thing happen but on final approach to othh. I was adding flaps when it froze for like 10 seconds then it crashed

This was on a iPad Air gen 3 2019

This is called a “Springboard” reset.
100% caused by an issue in iOS.

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In addition to Seb’s response, this is usually seen in the first few new iOS releases. I’ve reported multiple of these crashes in iOS 14 beta, and according to responses on my reports, there are similar issues. I presume this is being looked into and will be resolved in upcoming iOS 14 updates.

iOS and iPadOS aren’t the exact same. I assume you all talk about iPadOS here? Only the very old iPads still have iOS but not version 14.

Core elements are the same. Visual features are the only differences.


I had this happen, except it only had the black swirly screen for 5-10 seconds before automatically turning back on to the lock screen. Happened when I pressed the airplane mode button to retry the weather connection in IF.

It happens… just positing in case it’s of any use to the devs/support team. I’m sure everyone would like this iOS memory bug squashed once and for all.

Someone can close it.

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