New stuff and specials! (SFO SPOTTING)

Lots of special stuff at SFO today! (4/25/2024)

First up, a livery that has really been growing on me for the past year. Condor on the A330neo.

Heat haze catching up to my first time seeing KLM’s Orange Pride livery!

I have not spotted Sun Country in over a year. Here is their 737-800 with the “40 years of flight” sticker.

Quite unusual as Air India usually brings their -200LR variant 777s to SFO, but here is their 777-300ER!

Here is a livery that I never knew existed. Sephora on Aeromexico’s 737-800.

Only the second time I have seen Level’s A330-200.

Alaska’s 737-900 in the Oneworld livery.

Korean Air’s 777-300ER in the “We Are / Our Pride” livery.

Japan Airlines brought the 787-9 with the Oneworld livery!

An amazing plane. Alaska’s 737-800 in the “Honoring Those Who Serve” livery!

Which one was your favorite?

  • 1 (Condor A339)
  • 2 (KLM B77W [Orange Pride livery]
  • 3 (Sun Country B738 [40 years of flight sticker)
  • 4 (Air India B77W)
  • 5 (Aeromexico B738 [Sephora livery])
  • 6 (Level A332)
  • 7 (Alaska B739 [Oneworld livery])
  • 8 (Korean B77W [We Are / Our Pride livery])
  • 9 (Japan Airlines B789 [Oneworld livery])
  • 10 (Alaska B738 [Honoring Those Who Serve livery])
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These are amazing! What kinda trickery editing are you doing to make the bay water look blueish?

The white caps give that added artistic look with the east bay hills.
Beautifully done.

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a whole lot of dehazing in putting the whites up. thanks for the compliments!

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Why is there a Sephora livery 💀

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i have no idea 💀 its so ugly 💀

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Amazing shots! Love the contrast. That Orange Pride livery really pops with the dark background. Nice work!

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thank you!!

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