New Stream Now! [Stream Done!]

Wassup everyone, I’m streaming once again! I’ll be flying today from EGLL to WSSS! Be sure to join me on my stream and even join the flight! My youtube channel will be down below. Discord will be coming soon! Will be doing this more often now, just for fun.

|Flight Details|
Aircraft: A350 - 900
Airlines: Singapore Airlines
Route: EGLL to WSSS
Est. Flight time: 12 hours 45 minutes
Flight Level: 41,000 ft | FL410
Speed: 0.80 - 0.85

Stream Link:


We are still live after playing 2 rounds of valorant, will be heading to bed in a while, stream will continue over night!!!

Good morning, we are now descending down to Singapore. Make sure to join, cause in about 15minutes we will be touching down!

The stream is now done. Thank you to everyone who joined the stream! See you guys at the next one!