NEW STORY! Stories of Childhood Flights

Hello Community!
I am here to share with you a couple of stories from my childhood of flying. Enjoy these stories and I hope you don’t get bored to death!

Story One
The “Near Miss”

So it was my first flight on a plane, back when I was four years old. We were flying with Ryanair from Kraków to Nottingham (East Midlands). As we boarded surprisingly my father’s friend was on this flight and sat a row ahead of us. Back on topic, as we took off the pilot really put a lot of power into the take off and the engine noise began to get louder. Then the pilot pulled the yoke and we pulled around 2300FPM/vs. So it felt like a roller coaster, then when he pulled the throttle back it felt like jumping off a cliff…anyways. We were now cruising and someone started to swear from the front of the cabin. Then my father pointed at the window as we flew around 100 feet below a TAP Portugal A320. I would of * myself but because I had no idea about aviation I started to clap. Landing was hard as usual.

Story Two
The Business Class Drinks

Flying on an Emirates A380 and getting upgraded to Business? Oh it was great! Lounge food was amazing and the flight was medium haul (3.5 hours). Auckland to Sydney. So I sat alone and I was seven. Pretty big seat and big IFE. Smooth takeoff and cruise was great. Food was 10/10 but I started to get a little, ‘filled’. So over the three hours I collected around 7 cups of water, yes you heard me, seven. So the captain was announcing the landing and I was really trying to get rid of that water quickly. But unlucky me by the time I finished two cups we were on final. I put the cups in the little storage shelf beside the mini bar and looked out of the window. Smooth landing but I realised my whole right arm is wet. Great, one cup fell over and hit a few others so they fell like dominos. But accidents happen, so I did have a nice time and enjoyed the flight. When we exited the aircraft the Flight Attendant looked at me and her face was red and she was really mad at me.

Story Three
The “Not so free snacks”

So a few years back I flew with TigerAir from Adelaide to Sydney. It was one of my first flights in Australia and first on TigerAir. Usually flown with Qantas that offered free snacks, this time food was paid for. I saw the people looking at the menu so I looked at it aswell. I found a few interesting things. So once the FAs were serving, I asked for, brace yourself cause this was really long. One kids snack pack, a chicken and mayo sandwich, a bottle of water, two packets of chips and lastly a apple slices. My parents woke up when they heard m talk and the flight attendant said to my father: “That comes up $40 Sir.” My father gave me a stare of death and I just looked away. He told the FA to cancell it and forget about the order. From that time until four years ago I was never allowed to look at a menu list.

More Stories to come soon!


First flight was KLGA - KMIA (back when they used larger aircraft on the route). I just cried apparently lol, what else would you expect.

My parents told me that I always vomit on the plane when I was an infant 😂


Nice topic, anyways here’s a story from when I was 9 and went to Vancouver

So I wake up at about 3:30 am in the morning to get ready for my 6 am flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver (KLAX-CYVR) so we get on the plane it’s an A321 and it look pretty old and kind of worn down. So anyways we have tv’s like most planes… except they didn’t work. But we still had WiFi right? Nope didn’t work, so I basically spent the whole flight just playing some game on my phone. Here is the best part… on the cockpit there was an issue with one of the controls and they needed to bring a repairman on which honestly made me uneasy about this flight. So we take off and we’re cruising. We are flying over the Portland area when I see a plane in the distance (maybe about 7 nm) and I think, "well don’t you look at that! Looks like we are flying over a busy airspace. Then about one minute later this Alaska airlines plane zooms past us! I could actually see inside the window and could tell it was easily within 1-2 nautical miles from us, and if I do recall that is an FAA violation. Now we are on a low visibility final descent, when they dim the lights (I know they do this for night landings but for day landings I found this kind of odd) we landed very hard and with full on reverse thrust, that was my worse flight to or from Canada. I will have more later!


I have a story. I’ll call it “That One Runway at Honolulu that on Final it’s Over Water”

I don’t remember that age but I used to have a fear of sitting near the window seat. It was all because one day my family went to Honolulu. I don’t remember but the most recent Hawaii trip I took. We landed on one of the 2 diagonal facing runways. But this story is about the ones horizontally facing. On final I didn’t see ground. Then I stated to here wooshing. They were from the engines pushing out water just before we touched down on the runway. I soon forgot that fear (with many other things I forgotten too).

But from my experience flying to Maui and Honolulu is that winds make things real turbulent. Especially places like Maui and the mountains near it.


I was 5 during my first flight. I flew from Atlanta back home to Dallas. I remember like it was yesterday. I went to visit my grandparents. They picked me up in Dallas, drove me to Georgia then I had to fly back by myself. As a five year old, I was scared to death. Man! That was almost thirty years ago…got my first plastic pilots wings from the flight attendant. To be honest, I don’t remember the airline I was on.


When I was 3, my family and I took a trip to Hong Kong. Keep in mind, I don’t remember this, but I’ve been told this by my mom. Anyways, so we’re flying to VHHH via CYVR, so our route is CYYC-CYVR-VHHH. This was the first time I had ever been on a plane, and it was an Air Canada A320. So. As we’re taxiing out for departure, I find it very exciting. “Mommy I’m flying, look mommy, I’m a big boy now, I can fly”, all the while flapping my arms with excitement. “Air Canada 144, runway 16, cleared for immediate takeoff”. So pilot here pulls out onto the runway, stabilizes, and jumps the engines up to Flex power. I get thrown back in my seat with the sudden acceleration, and yell out at the top of my lungs “Mommy I wanna go home” and proceed to start crying. So yeah. That’s my children in aviation story.


Another story that I have:

So I was on Virgin America, let’s say I was about 7 years old. Anyways I was obsessed with planes so much that my dad asked the crew if I could go in the cockpit before we pushed back. They said okay and then there I was! Living the dream in the cockpit on the airbus A320! So we depart heading for KEWR, when the crew said I could go be in the galley (On these flights they usually don’t allow it) so it was really cool. Then one of the flight attendants said that when they are making the final descent announcement they will say my name as the captain to everyone on board. So that was a cool little story I had for you guys, I will have more.


I remember flying back home to Amsterdam when I lived in Johannesburg. It was a year that we flew back more than once a year so my dad’s company didn’t pay for this flight. We flew Swiss via Zurich. It was (I think) the first time I flew long haul economy and I just asked my mom “why are we going so far back in the airplane?” Very spoilt, I know…


Severe turbelence on final. Cant remember which flight. It was on A turkish airlines B77W

I remember many years back ,( when I was about 7/8 ) I was flying from Cape Town - Dubai on a B773 , we pushbacked out from the gate . Then we were just sitting in the same position for like 10 minutes , there were no aircraft ahead nor behind ( I knew via the onboard cameras ) , I got very afraid that there might be a problem in the cockpit . But eventually we started to taxi . This plane was told to Line up and wait , the pilot finally pushed the throttle forward and we were moving . Before we rotated , the plane took quite a bit of time to get airborne . I got very scared because we were about to overshoot the runway . But luckily we got airborne safely . A few hours later , when we are cruising and on the coast of Somalia . We hit a lot of turbulence ( I mean a lot ! ) . The pilot turned on the seat belt sign on and I was calm , but suddenly the aircraft just dropped like 250 feet ( approximately) out of the blue , went up then went down again . I was scared to death , I thought I was gonna die . We finally made it to the coast of Oman and the turbulence stopped . We started our decent . We passed the airport and went onto a right downwind . The plane extended downwind for about 20 minutes , I was so excited to get off the plane but we were on a downwind for so long 😑. We finally turned base and intercepting the localizer . We passed over the city of Dubai and we’re flying so low . I actually thought we were gonna miss the runway , I thought to myself what a wonderful world , JK JK lol . I thought to myself that the pilot is gonna get us all killed . We landed safely and taxing to the gate

Lesson : never underestimate the pilot 😉

Thanks for reading


I was 12 years old. I was heading from New York to Miami on a Boeing 767-300ER. It was my first time being on a 763. The pilots went full power cuz our flight got delayed. As he went full thrust I flew back in my seat. We were just passing FL160 then our engines powered down so much I got worried none the less it was a nice landing but the reverse thrust killed me a little considering I flew into the chair in front of me.

Was about 7 and couldn’t stop counting down each minute until arrival on the GPS. Was flying from KJFK-KLAX.

This was a 3 or 4 years ago, when I flew on a private jet. Since my mom works for a private jet company, I was lucky enough to go on one. Usually if the plane is flying a ferry flight somewhere, one of the employees of the company can go on that flight for free, because it’s empty. So I flew from Hong Kong to Macau, just a 15 minute flight but it was so exciting. The pilots let me sit in the cockpit for the whole journey, from leaving the gate in HKG to parking in MFM. I have some pictures too, I’ll post them later.


I went on planes when I was 2 or 3 or something. I didn’t cry and there were no problems. The end.

I got ice cream. That’s all I can remember.

A couple of years back, I was on a flight from Tirana to Stansted. The weather in Tirana that time was bad(Thunderstorms) and as soon as we took off, the plane veered straight to the right and it scared everyone board. After that there was turbulence until we flew over Spilt in Croatia. On landing there was minor turbulence and fog.

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Pretty much every flight into LBA slams into the runway. Worst experience was a wingstrike on FR2327.

Cool stories guys! Hope you like the new 3rd story!

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