New Startup Loading Screen

Hola Everyone!

So, I had an Idea if a new Startup Screen. It would kinda be like the current one, but modified. I’m working on a GIF for it, but here’s the basic concept:

So, it’s the same white aircraft, BUT The aircraft comes in from the Top Right Corner, and draws the Infinite Flight Infinite Logo. Then, as it draws that, the words Infinite Flight Fades In. Once the loading is complete, the little aircraft will repeat the drawing motion, but instead act like an eraser and remove the white lines, and lieave the screen from the Bottom Left Corner, and once it leaves you are greeted with the Main Menu.

Let me know what you guys think of this little idea!

Actually sounds pretty cool, I’ll have to see if I can clear a vote in the future!

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Now that would be cool…lemme see if I can find a vote.

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Mini Bump!

That sounds like a really good idea. Loading your flight could be a little icon in the corner of the plane just tracing the infinite loop.

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Is this a mini bump to close your topic? You’re really bumping your topic after 15 hours?


This is an awesome idea. voted, voted, voted!

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