New spotting topic in the works

On a quick BNA visit for a few days before MEM, then back to PHX. Exploring potential spots to shot that aren’t in the known areas at Nashville.


Average smallish American airport spotting experience.

  • Elevated road running along the main runway (shoot over the fence)

  • Line of trees with another road in the back

  • Southwest 737

I almost thought this was my home airport when I saw the Southwest photo, spot looks quite similar.


Which one is considered the main? I shot these when their using 20L departures, next to an Amazon hub (STN1).

No idea, at my airport it’s pretty much just a single runway in use with a road that wraps around it. I’ve never been to BNA, I’m just saying a lot of American airports look like this.

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I totally misread that. 👍

Can’t forget the Horizon Airlines, Delta Connect, United Express, and/or American Eagle E-175 and/or CRJ-200.

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I mean, pretty much all of these apply to ATL, which is by no means small. Plenty of trees and roads, and no shortage of Southwest 737s.

ATL doesn’t really have that perimeter road type thing, you really just gotta spot from garages

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