New spot @RKSI @ICN

This was my second time going to Incheon Airport.
As a test, I only stayed for an hour and didn’t take that many pictures. :(

•🇮🇳Air India (Star Alliance Livery)
•Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
•Age: 8.8 Years
•MSN: 36392
•Flight No: AI312
🇮🇳VIDP Indira Gandhi Int~
🇰🇷RKSI Incheon Int

•🇰🇷Asiana Cargo
•Boeing 767-38EF(ER)
•REG: HL7507
•Age: 27.5 Years
•MSN: 25761
•Flight No: OZ390
🇻🇳VVNB Noi Bai Int~
🇰🇷RKSI Incheon Int

•🇰🇷Korean Air
•Airbus A330-223
•REG: HL8276
•Age: 10.8 Years
•MSN: 1393
•Flight No: KE952
🇦🇪OMDB Dubai Int~
🇰🇷RKSI Incheon Int

•🇰🇷Asiana Airlines
•Boeing 777-28E(ER)
•REG: HL8284
•Age: 10.4 Years
•MSN: 40199
•Flight No: OZ522
🇬🇧EGLL London Heathrow~
🇰🇷RKSI Incheon Int

•🇰🇷Korean Air Cargo
•Boeing 747-4B5F(ER)
•REG: HL7605
•Age: 17.4 Years
•MSN: 35526
•Flight No: KE362
🇻🇳VVNB Noi Bai Int~
🇰🇷RKSI Incheon Int

•Boeing 747-430
•Age: 24.0 Years
•MSN: 29868
•Flight No: LH712
🇩🇪EDDF Frankfurt Rhein-Main~
🇰🇷RKSI Incheon Int

•Airbus A350-941
•Age: 6.4 Years
•MSN: 136
•Flight No: LH718
🇩🇪EDDM Munich~
🇰🇷RKSI Incheon Int

I plan to visit again after school exams are over, so please look forward to the photos that will be posted then. :)


Very nice photo, I like Korean air’s A330

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why does this sucker look so good. greaat photos!

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That one actually buttered it lol

Why that beutiful aircraft is sucker…? Lol
Actually thats one of the most beautiful a350

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A350 is my favorite plane

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