(New) Space Shuttle

This Space Shuttle should be completely new, with a cockpit, cockpit HUD, airbrakes, animated parts and animated landing gear. Also ground effect
Here’s a video that shows what I’m thinking for this Space Shuttle:


I’ve played this before. Good game


But can’t be flown everywhere in Live! Maybe nowhere. Just a solo thing. But I so want to try taking off in it.


So? What’s the problem of not being able to use it on live?

Hope we gat that and that terrain looks amazing

I just want the Shuttle back.

Never Forget !


The shuttle was fun…

Ohh the good old days…

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Why did they take the shuttle away?

Omg the old buttons and controls look so different, such nostalgia

Quoted from Phileppe, one of the founders of IF.

I hope get it back though.

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There was like a 747 mission to long time ago. I never played that before. But I would like to get more missiona or tutorials with heavies etc.

Is there any chance of us getting the space shuttle back? And before people ask why I just revived a two-year-old topic, instead of creating a new space shuttle request, I have tried that before, and got yelled at for creating a duplicate request.

You could always pm a mod to have this closed, and create a new feature request. As for the shuttle itself, I think FDS has a lot on its plate at the moment with other features to be implemented so I wouldn’t see it back for a while. They took it off for a reason.


I’m not saying we need to have it back right now. I’m wondering if there is any chance of us having the space shuttle back at all.

Anything is possible :)

Ah, the memories!