New Small Plane Teaser


It’s probably the A3.50
It’s 1/100th the size of the A350 and can be folded to fit in your pants’ back pocket or behind Laura’s Head 😉


Adding some GA planes would be nice. Is there any possibility for rotor wing in the future?


Okay, you guys need to understand that it could be any aircraft. For example, it could be an A380, but the way they position the camera makes it look small.


or maybe a small Saab twin prop! i love Saab’s, both the cars and planes!


oooo yes hopefully the west jet livery


I hope that 19.2 will not be long in coming as Laura is already working on it


Maybe because the amount of ga planes is tiny compared to commericla and not everyone has time to do a flight. Even from klax-ksfo or something like that.


I’d like to have a helicopter at some point. Did some tests with it a while back, it worked pretty well :)


Interesting…But one question how different was it to test from an airplane?


How about a hot air balloon Laura?! 😉


And not one that can travel at the speed of light like Microsoft 😆 hope your wish comes true Balloon 🎈


Now I think we give the devs some time to relax 😂😂😂 maybe In a few weeks or most likely months we’ll get some more news 🤔🤔🤨😂


@RotorGuy Check this out!


I could imagine on normal users’ screens that new aircraft that are in testing substituting in for a hot air balloon if it was added. It would be hilarious to see a 500kt Balloon. 😂😂😂

In all seriousness, I’d love to see balloons. The way they fly is quite interesting.


What if the new “plane” is a helicopter 👀🤔🤭🤨😱😱😱🤫😀👌😂


Thank you for this comment - As a whirly bird guy I do wish we saw more. The hardest helicopter to fly would be the R22, anything larger gets pretty easier, the IFR ships are also auto pilot, so that said let’s say you had a Bell 212 you can have an auto pilot onboard.

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