New Small Plane Teaser


They may not have the info they need for the a350 but they may now. But be grateful for all they’ve done.


There’s a fully working model of A350-900 for X-Plane 11 by FlightFactor and it exists about 1 year. So the necessary information is available


Oh, you misunderstood… I was never going to actually show you 😈


Décathlon Rework


A Commercial plane? I don’t think


Why do you have to tease us like that 😫


Lol Going to quit Infinite flight if it’s a RC plane


Nailed it it’s an MQ-9 folks big boy RC aircraft😁 jk.


I’m just hoping for a C172 fully modeled with moving instruments. I mean, just for the GA fans :)


But but… Jason… how could … you betray me like that?



I really don’t see why it would be an RC plane in an app that seeks to depict realistic flying aircraft. I think we could probably say that with the caliber of Infinite Flight, it’s not an RC plane. That would be a major waste of dev time in my opinion.


Here come the RC haters

Hourra to the RC A350Neo


Laura’s head as a lifting body.


Oh no. I really hope it’s another GA aircraft!!


An RC version of the A350 will be such a troll 😂


Looks their are tasting new plane


Sorry, but in real life, this flight is operated by an A330-200. Maybe it the Sri lankan Livery is not added in Live flight yet.


Liveflight hasn’t been updated to regnonize the new liveries realized in 19.1 yet. If you check around, you’ll see plenty of other aircraft that are unknown to liveflight aswell.


I can’t see it


its could be a car with a jet engine!