New Small Plane Teaser


People be like :

Nice, a new GA coming

Don’t believe what people say, go get the info yourself.


Not gonna lie, the second one hasn’t any N1 showing…


I know I said I realized after watching the post


I wouldn’t mind the Super Decathlon rework.


Obviously people it is going to be a Private Jet (Gulfstream)

sarcasm obviously


That’d be really nice, especially if it was with the updated graphics/quality

Even if it was a joke


Any non AV geeks. It doesn’t have 50 seats so it must be a cessna


hopefully a small Dash-8 maybe, like a twin turboprop?


Yes because is a tiny A-350


We’re just guessing what the plane could be.


I hope it’s a Decathlon rework!


Maybe it’s just the smaller model of the plane and Laura was tryna make it bigger 🤨🤷‍♂️🤔


wowowooowow i’m so excited when will the update come out


Possibly the a220?


It’s Illuminati Confirmed to you 😂🤣🤫


Maybe it’s an A220 🤷‍♂️


Not all heros wear capes lol. But yes the F117 needs to find herself here lol.


Has anyone else noticed that all the buttons are different?


What if it’s not a plane at all 👀


Really small atr I hope lol