New Small Plane Teaser


No one said no GA 👀


I don’t have the plane that Laura was showing off. I don’t know what plane she was showing Jason. Only the people in the room know.

I was simply showing that a lot of assumptions are being made with very little evidence.


Ok I will speculate. The first picture is of a Embraer Phenom 100 for a short-mid range private jet and the second is of a SAAB 340 for a commercial turboprop.


my head hurts a lot just thinking about the new update, now when I wake up the first thing I do is see if the update has been released, I think we’ll have some surprise, things that nobody expects, I’m looking forward to this update


maybe an RC plane?


Could it be a moving building?


Maybe Portable Potty for ground crew??


If you listen to engine sound in background looks like a jet plane


Oh the airports I would go with that aircraft.


It could be a Boeing 380-900+


I’m guessing it’s a Jet they said no rework for the jets right? But they did say planes so new jet maybe f15,f35, Saab Jas39 Gripen, Saab37 Su35, idk 😂


It looks super small for an airliner or twin engine prop idk


I think too, the FDS team is so amazing! I think the day the infinite flight update will be released everyone will be literally shocked by this surprise, this is my opinion


I would say that’s too big for @Chris_S’s silhouettes, unfortunately 😞


Gimme da Sukhoi. I need Sukhoi. Must flip planes.
(Laughs maniacally) 😂🤪


Personally I think it’s the U2 spy plane Just a guess


An Irish Band with a American Spy Plane attacking North Korea in IF



Exciting times ahead of us :)


Let’s be completely honest… What’s to say it’s a small plane or a large plane? I’m sure that Laura has ways of hiding things if she really wants to. It may well be an airliner, GA or maybe Sebastian is finally having his death Star added!


It doesn’t mean it’s Small se could be covering Thad Aircraft