New Small Plane Teaser


I actually would LOVE a Russian fighter in the sim!


Oh? Is he talking about the a350 black mask on the cockpit?🤔


You mean UAV? 🤔


I am hoping so really badly


it could possible be the a220 :o


I’m placing my bets on a Citabria/Decathlon and an F-18. I can’t wait to see what they are!


Helicopter??? Jk


Or the 737-max


I am with you on this one!


You know what… that would be cool


Yes it would ;)


Besides the military jets, there’s only the C172, TBM, Cirrus and the Super D, of which only the TBM is “new”.

Now think back to previous updates and you tell me with a straight face that GA is more current than the commercial side. Yes, there are imperfect aircraft such as the 330 and 380, but there’s now such a choice, you can’t possibly deny that GA on here needs a boost.


Chris… gives us a little peek?

Maybe show a little bit of wing…


Leave that to Jason/Misha. They’re in charge of press releases.


You missed the reference;)


Hoping for this 🙏🏻


Could potentially be the saab 340.


The B-2 Spirit would be cool as well.


plot twist

Super decathlon rework 😱


Thought they said no GA?