New Small Plane Teaser


It could be the ERJ family🤷🏾‍♂️


Look how small that thing is unless it’s an F18 rework or jet rework a new jet! Or CESSNA REWORK!


I think we’re assuming that whatever is there is an aircraft hiding behind her head, who said that’ what it is? Could be airport textures, etc, lets not make assumptions


I don’t see it 🤷🏻‍♂️🧐 Please tell me where it is


What if it’s just a really tiny A350? 👀


The A350-200


With a massive runway? or is it a RC Plane 😂😂😂😂


Nah no way, its definitely a general avaition plane 😉


Oh, miniature edition! 😂

Should make canyone runs easier 😂


Nowhere in the Instagram post did it say it was a GA.


Ahh yes it could be the flying car 🚙


New plane, who dis? Come on guys really? Why not just wait to see what they do with the instagram story


Birds aren’t real, they are government spy drones.

just so you know, that was sarcasm


They said that it’s not immagination


The developers said it’s a new aircraft.

I dont know where airport textures came from?


Maybe It’s the King Air 350 😁


Jason! Post the video already haha!


I can’t see the plane because Laura’s head covers up 90% of the picture…

Therefore, GA. I’m mad.

Come on guys, you’re better than this 🙄


I like how he creeps up from behind like as though she is up to something! Bring on the new planes take your time I’m always happy for a nice brand new finished product done right …


Fixed the title.