New Shots, Old me. Going Back to Grainy and Blurry Shots!

Hello, Community of Flying That Never Stops

I have been spotting a bunch lately, but all my pics came out as garbage and this topic is what I was able to salvage from them.

I will be spotting on Friday to get the Qatar inaugural 77W flight to KSEA (thanks @Ishrion) so that’s something I’m looking forward to and I hope you enjoy these pics in the meantime!

Some tasty brand new MAXs off on their first flight!

A recent edit of an old, old shot

A 737MAX playing the “terrain” theme song in the cockpit

A fun trip to a very foggy KBFI where i tried to get a nice shot of the tower and airline tails but failed miserably ✨just like my life✨

A sunwing 737MAX I tried to get for canadian boys @Canadian_Aviator and @Oskapew but im so ashamed of the quality i didnt tell them lol

an edit of an old Dash-8 shot where i went nuts with the saturation and contrast now it looks like the Jetphotos “check for dust” feature

Thank you and see you on Friday


Thank You!


when you roast yourself so other people can’t roast you


We are Friday no?
Good pictures

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gregorian calendar intensifies

Friday in 7 days :)

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go ahead I know you want to :)

Lol 😂 (10 words)

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Great work @Robertine, I actually quite like these!

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Great pictures!

Just curious when did you take the picture of the Q400?

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December 28th, 4:53:17

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nice shot of the old 727!


Awesome shots Robertine! The sunwing 737 was still great despite the quality!

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Those shots were blurry and grainy, but still better than I could ever do, great job! Good to see you don’t hide the bad.


honestly you should just go for it, I’m ready to help you :)


i miss JET AIRWAYS(those blue tails with my pfp)

Cool shots !!


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