New Servers Concept

Why not create sort of TFR zones (special airspaces) where aerobatic maneuvers, speed limitations and other things don’t exist?

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I think it would be a clutter to the server (Imagine those flying on TS1 doing acrobatics on that area). So I think Casual server still needs to be alive 😊

I love to takeoff from parkings at Empty Airport and then doing acrobatics to land in the other side of the runway in Casual. Its really fun and nice 😄

Thanks Anyway =)


i think one expert sever is enough ,there may not be enough IFATC controllers


I agree with @THOMAS2046, plus when global comes out there won’t be enough IFATC !

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Why do you base controller experience on which pilot grade the individual has? I am grade 3, because I never fly – i only control. Am I then a worse controller than grade 5 pilots?


Exactly, the controllers experience should not be based on the grade that the pilot is !

Devs should put a grade for controllers, because you don’t achieve anything by controlling.

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Well, for IFATC im sure that they have OPS and the more OPS you have, the more controlling you’re able to do.

Based on what I have been observing on the expert server and live flight. I can see the expert server reserved for global only and the others as they are now.

The amount of Ops you have, doesn’t necessarily say how good of a controller you are.

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Too many servers and I love the traffic in SoCal but too many servers would eliminate that.

Good idea. My concern is that the servers will have less people in them.

Nice idea. Would allow for pilots and controllers alike to get a feel for how things work in live. Would also prevent noobs joining places they shouldn’t join.

Seems good on paper but thinking outside the box really there’s still a lack of people and enforcement.

I suggest developing TS1 a little bit more. Maybe make a new thread about some methods of enforcement and people will support and ponder your ideas.

In my eyes, there are more people on TS1 than ES1 (Naturally). But the most active I’ve seen ES1 has been about 40%.

I Don’t think more servers are a very good idea because of the fact that I like flying in a crowded place (Personal preference). However, It could be a good thing by spreading people out a little across servers. Would the grade requirements need altering at all?

Overall - I think there are too many servers; but in general, it may well work out.

When there are too many servers, less people fly on a specific server. It will probably be less fun.

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This nearly made me laugh.

  1. Too Much Servers
  2. A lot of money had to be implemented
  3. This would make expert server look like “TS2” or just a plain joke.

All im trying to say is that it’s a good idea but many problems will occur in the long run.

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good point. I agree with this statement that it would take away from the meaning of ES1


The point in IFATC is to have some training in the expert servers. Just allowing anyone to contol wouldn’t be sufficient. in this proposed way, training / interested ATC could do TS1 & IFTSATC, for example, could do TS2. Then above would be IFATC

I find flying on the expert server a little boring because it is mainly Unicom. I agree.

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Well you need to fly where ATC are.