New Servers Concept

The current server setup is just fine the way it is now. The problem is the people that are on the expert server not acting like how it’s intended to be.


There’s a difference between simplicity and complicated. This falls in the latter. You have no idea how much money, time, effort, and frameware FDS has to invest in creating servers. A simple three server tier that caters to varying groups of dedication is effective and fair.

We actually had something similar to the “Expert Server Lounge” when ATC first came out. It was, along with many early ideas, bad. We as ATCs ghosted pilots for even saying or using a command wrong. Requesting a VFR altitude when you’re IFR? Going left instead of right? Ghost! That place got empty like a Wild West tumbleweed town quickly.

Listen, everyone has ideas, and that’s great. However, many of them have been tried in the past. This is the reason why you see things the way they are right now. The early days of IF were full of a lot of teething pains, and plenty of discussion still continues behind closed doors as the developers continue to study the impact global will have, for example.


And what would it be based on? There’s only so much someone needs to know about IF and even then it’s completely their choice to be a nimrod. Too many bad things could happen.

Remember guys, this is just a concept, if no one likes it then it is scrapped, look at the mcdonald douglas MD-12 no one wanted it so it was scrapped.

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Too many servers = Too much money down the toilet and less to be spend on awesome projects like the DC-10/MD-11 and Global Flight.

Also considering Regions might be obsolete in Global, I really don’t see a need for this.

Great idea though.


I rather see something implemented on TS1 for more violations. Like: taking off from surface other than runway, running into other aircraft, etc. Commiting these violations would bring grade down and block access to casual only until pilot doesnt commit these violations again.

Im not a coder and dont have any experience with servers, just sharing some thoughts.


No idea. It’s just an idea as well

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Not exactly. They’ll still be there.

Way to many servers. We need to get ride of casual and have Training server 1 & 2 and 1 expert server

Servers cost money to operate!

@Cpt_Chris… Lota time, effort, thought went into this Topic Chris but I believe it’s a non-starter. Had you considered this proposal from a cost/benefit prospective I’m sure you would have realized that the addition of 2 new servers is not cost effective. The cost and the impact on subscription rates would be prohibitive and membership in the long term would be negatively impacted. One of IF’s major benefits beside aviation professional knowledge gained is via the collegiality of the members. Adding more designated “Elites” & “Experts” and segregating them by Server defeats the community aspect of this simulator, the present method is skill not ego/personality related… I’ll not go on you get the idea. please consider my comments abbreviated constructive criticisms. I’ll be please to discuss your idea via PM.
Regards, Max


I think this is way too complicated and costs too much for the developers. And one of the servers would be empty after Global. So I think this idea isnt an efficient way to reduce the trolls.

I think it would be better if IFTSATC controls on empty regions (Hint : Charlotte, Oshkosh, Paris) so there wont be many nimrods rather than making a new server which costs $$$ and waste their efforts which can be used to develop other things 😊.

It would be better if we go back to the old standing system (100% Standings required) to enter TS1 and Expert 😊

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not enough people to do this and servers would cost too much maybe if infinite flight grows and has more people playing

vote for this if u want higher live costs ;)

I like the two training server idea, but I think their should only be one expert server, after all we are just one team.


Not all elite pilots are Grade 4 and 5, some excellent pilots are Grade 3 but their jobs/school don’t give them enough time to fly to reach Grade 4 and 5


I think we now already have to many servers. But 5 are really to many servers, because on every server you Will have just a few people that fly and it Will be boring for the ATC.

I think Grade 3 and above non IFATC controllers should be allowed to control on Expert Server 1 if there is an “expert” Expert Server 2.

If we got rid of casual, then we’d lose the Cobras and AeroSync. Not a smart move imho.


I think that after Global it will have 2 server, a Training server and a Expert server, the rule of the servers need to be changed.

The speed restrictions for exemple…


I think Casual is still needed for many Infinite Flight users. Sometimes, we can have fun as there are no rules there. Some Turbulent Tuesday and FNF events also takes place at Casual too 😊