New Servers Concept

Within infinite flight we have three servers to fly on. This concept is my idea, constructive critism would be appreciated, no arguments, and no fights. Lets get started.

Casual server:
Anyone can play on this server and there are no restrictions or rules, just like the current casual server.

Training server 1:
This is the first training server, any new players that are grade one and two can fly on this server. Very much like the current training server, the rules will not be enforced as much as the other servers as this is the first training server you will start off with. Ammature pilots and controllers alike can play on this server to get a feel of infinte flight.

Training server 2:
Now this server rules get enforced, lower grade 3 pilots can fly on this server. Only IFTSATC and Expert Tier controllers may control on this server, controllers may report pilots but cannot ghost them

Expert server 1:
Now this server is where you cant play around, this is reserved for high tier grade 3 And Lower Grade 4’s . New IFATC Controllers can control here to get a hang of expert server controlling, ghosting will be enforced as always.

Expert Server Lounge:
Now this server is reserved for elite pilots and veteran controllers, elite pilots that are high tier grade 4’s and grade 5 and veteran controllers like @anon66442947 or Crashy Mc Crash Face @JoshFly8 can control here, This would be the best overall experience for pilots and controllers alike and rules are 100% enforced and ghosting is 100% enforced.

Feel free to give constructive critism only below, this is just a concept that i thoght of and if no one likes, feel free to close it.


Too Many Servers!
I think what we have is good. It would be nice to have TS2 again, but this is just too many:-/


Basically the goal here is to build pilots up servers, so they know they have to do better to progress, just like on the IFC Community, The ranks like TL0 1 2 3 4


It’s a good idea, but I don’t like it. In your concept there are too many servers. There would be like 10 pilots on the Expert server 2 and Expert Server Lounge.


But six servers? There will be nearly no one in any of the servers. And sometimes people like flying live because there will be other people flying.


Servers cost money. More servers=more $$$ for your subscription. I dont know if many will agree.


Also too many servers make less and less pilots fly on each server so there isn’t as much traffic=not as much fun. Maybe ts2 back


True, let me edit it around a bit and lets see what you guys think :)


How about instead of making more and more, we just work on the servers we have. Maybe make it more challenging to get into Expert.


I second that and bring back ts2 for grade 2 and grade 3 pilots.


Or not based on grade which is easy to grind out. It needs to be based on actual knowledge


Fixed it up, i made less servers and made the requirements a tad bit easier, check it out now.

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Are you hinting there should be some kind of “test?” Because, it would be an ok idea for the most part but may not be fair to some.

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You’re right - TS2 would be nice to have back :)


This newer version is much better.


Yeah, umm no. This is a very bad idea. Too many servers, no need to separate what IFATC controllers can do more than necessary.
What determines a Senior controller?
IFTSATC or whatever is not the the same level of quality as IFATC, thus shouldn’t be combined on one server.


😂 you want your own server now 🤦‍♂️


Lol guess no one is likeing the idea, oh well, and we dont want our own server.


Sort of. It would have to be automated and cheat proof which is pretty much impossible to do.


The IF TRAINING SERVER ATC have their own server. The TRAINING SERVER.

If they want a better server, they should contact a recruiter and try to become IFATC.

Just My opinion.